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Wedding 101

14 Wedding Themes + Tips on Choosing a Motif

Everything has to start from something and in weddings, that is your wedding motif. It is the glue that sticks everything together from be ...

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Groom 101: Proper Grooming for the Groom

We have been giving advises for the brides-to-be most of the time so we figured out that we need to include the groom, too, for the tips.&nb ...

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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Planner

He just asked your hand in marriage. You start browsing magazines and try to get a picture of your dream wedding. Suddenly, you realize this whole wedding thing requires a lot of decisions and you will be better off hiring a professional wedding planner to get away from the headache. ...

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Quick Guide: The Ideal Wedding Checklist

Whether you have decided to seek the help of a planner or you’re keen on organizing your wedding on your own, it’s very important to have a checklist to help you keep track of things. If you have no idea what should be included in there, no worries! We’ll give you a sample guide and tips on where to start. ...

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