Core Members

The Core Team

Being in the industry for 14 years is quite challenging. Been there, done that. But learning new things makes her excited with the new changing trends of wedding. She is very passionate about her work and being patient is one of her asset. In every event, she can make decisions & adjust to any situation. She loves to travel when schedule permits and spend time with her family & friends.
Rita Gapusan Senior Wedding Planner
Jacee has been excecuting weddings for more than 8 years. Young as she is but offers wide array of fresh wedding ideas. Very particular with concepts and consistency, she believes successful wedding is all in the execution. When she's not busy planning and detailing, you can find her unwinding in a coffee shop or playing video games, specifically RPG and Simulation ones.
Jacee Uy Wedding Planner
Not your ordinary wedding planner. having witnessed and handled weddings for the past 13 years really is an assurance that he knows what he is dong. very particular even to small details and always go on extra mile.
Jay Ebora Wedding Planner
Mary Ann is resourceful and initiative. She is very open with new ideas about planning and managing a wedding. She's certainly a troubleshooter, systematic and a very hands-on person. During her spare time, she loves going out with her family, playing sports and e-games to de-stress.
Mary Ann Vinluan Wedding Planner
Nikka is the youngest wedding planner in BG Bridal Gallery, Different experiences, learnings, gimmicks and meeting people are both key on keeping Nikka enthusiastic about planning and organizing a wedding event. She's more reliable in doing documetation and paperworks, and when it comes to execution of an event she's truly dedicated and energetic. Nikka loves to read, sing, play some musical instruments and spend time with her family.
Nikka Ilao Wedding Planner
Having found her passion in organizing events, Danielle is pursuing a career in the wedding industry to help her clients realize their once in a lifetime dream. She believes that her job is not just a responsibility, but also a privilege, as she gets to be a part of achieving such milestones with them. When not daydreaming about the perfect wedding, you can find her checking out the latest seat sale for flights and planning her next travel getaway.
Danielle Cunanan Wedding Consultant
Jo is a woman who is passionate about traveling, writing, music, film and weddings. She started her wedding career by becoming part of the most prestigious invitation stylist in the country. Her experience molds her career, ambition and desire to continue her love for weddings. A visionary that she is, she's very particular with details and at the same time, spontaneous with overflowing ideas. Her creativity, competence and passion for her craft are one of the best features to describe Jo as a person, colleague and as an individual.
Jo Veloria Wedding Consultant
Now part of the Marketing team, Jas is in-charge of the online inquiries. She is most likely the one you're going to chat with on BG Bridal Gallery Facebook and website. When not online, she's hanging out with friends over food and drinks on a weekend or staying at home with her dog.
Jasmin Piedad Customer Service Respresentative
With 17 years of experience as a wedding videographer and filmmaker, Enan already understands the full life cycle of the wedding film industry. He is passionate in honing his craft and aims to create that "wow" factor through the use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music in his works. He also wants his team members to have that enthusiastic vibe as they become a wedding filmmaker.
Enan Servaz Senior Wedding Videographer/ Video Editor
A jack(ass) of all trades, Joyce enjoys creating, editing and enhancing anything she can reach through a laptop and a mouse — anything from the nitty-gritty up to the complicated details of a photo, a design or a video. And when she’s not busy doing that, she’s usually spotted laying down on a beach with an ice-cold beer.
Joyce Arambulo Video Editor
Nishie Fernandez Head of Marketing
Roxie found her love for marketing and events after trying out medschool for six years. Responsible and passionate about her work, she's always willing to go the extra mile. She likes to be on-the-go and loves to travel. With her love for traveling, she plans to visit all the Disneylands on Earth.
Roxie Almazan Marketing Assistant
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