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Article Writing Mechanics

BG Bridal Gallery aims to help develop and mold future leaders who will contribute in the success and innovation of the wedding industry. To support our vision, we will provide an educational assistance made possible through an article writing contest which will determine the chosen student/applicant. The winner will be awarded with Php 5,000 worth of educational aid which will be given directly to the school/university. The chosen student will also have an option to undergo his/her On-The-Job training in BG Bridal Gallery Manila Office located in BGC, Taguig City. 

Chosen applicant will be determined on the 1st week of November, 2017.


Contest Mechanics

  1. Articles must be at least 400 words, in English. Topic they can discuss is as follow:

  • How your field of study could contribute in the wedding industry.

  1. Finished articles must incorporate multimedia content and must contain at least one photo. Sources for media (URLs) must be placed at the bottom of the article if taken from online.

  2. Articles must be unique and not taken from online - avoid plagiarism.

  3. Applicants will compose their articles on Microsoft Word, or Google docs - available in Google Drive. (If possible, a school coordinator will screen the entries and will choose the best 20 articles to be judged by BG Bridal Gallery)

  4. Applicants must submit their entries before November 01, 2017.

  5. Articles in Word format will be submitted to school coordinator/administrator, who will forward the entries to BG Bridal Gallery. For articles created through Google docs, just simply share it with the coordinator’s email.

  6. BG Bridal Gallery reserves the right to publish any or all of the written articles on any of our platform (either website or social media).