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Pros And Cons Of Building A Website For Your Wedding Business

In a generation of technology, you should not hold back on the idea of creating a website. People pay

bills, shop, buy tickets and even manage their own credit and debit card transactions. Everything can

almost be done now through the internet. So here are the pros and cons of building a website for your

wedding business.


1. Save money

Advertising your products and services can be really expensive especially if you are just starting

your business. But there is an easy way to make them know that you exist and that is by making

your own website. You can share this on all your social media channels.

2. You will learn something new

It is always nice to have new projects especially if it is for your own business. You feel excited to learn something new! What is the best software to use for editing pictures and videos, what are the best websites and alike. You will realize that learning never stops!

3. You can customize it

The best part of it all is you get to pick your color, theme, font and everything else. No one will

stop you because it is your website. You can edit it without any additional cost if you have the skills.


1. It will take you time to make

Building a website is no joke. It will take you time from thinking about the concept, choosing

the right colors and font and putting it all together. Don’t be disappointed if you cannot finish it

overnight because it will take you days or even weeks.

2. There is a possibility that it won't work properly

If you do not have the skills and you are not good at that stuff then there is an 80% chance that

your website won’t work properly. Have you ever seen a website where there is not enough

information? Yeah? It may look like that.

3. It may look unpleasing

This is if you don’t have any single experience in blogging your website may look unprofessional

just like how a 7-year-old kid made his Friendster. People do not like that kind of website, it will

not get you a client.