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Effective Date: March 4, 2016

This Privacy Policy describes what information BG BRIDAL GALLERY PTE LTD. collects and how we use, store and safeguard it. We take your right to privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable using our Site and Services as described in our Terms of Use.

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to personally identifiable information such as your name, address, telephone number, cell phone number, email address, and any other information that can be used to identify you as a person (“Personal Information”) and other information that we may collect on our Site. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

    If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, please DO NOT register, subscribe, create an account or otherwise use our Services and/or interact with us at our Site.

  2. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to the websites that belong to other individuals and entities that you may visit from links through our Site and/or Services that we do not own or that do not belong to our partners.

  3. We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time as provided for in our Terms. All changes will be posted to this page. We will notify you of material changes to this Privacy Policy as provided in our Terms. You agree and acknowledge that your use of our Site and Services after changes we make to this Privacy Policy indicate your intent to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

  4. What is Personal Information and how do we collect yours

    1. We collect Personal Information that can be used to specifically identify you as a unique personas well as non-personally identifiable informationthat cannot be used to specifically identify you. We use both types of information. We collect Personal Information from four sources.

    2. We collect the Personal Information that you voluntarily provide to us when you register for our Services and from the content you upload on our Site. Such information includes your name, email address, phone or mobile numbers, your profile photo and other information you choose to provide to us.We also collect information regarding your preferences through your posts and the posts of other users on BG that you shared. When you share information on our website with family and friends, we may collect the information you provide about those people such as name, address, email address, and phone number.

    3. If you use your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to log-in to your BG gallery, depending on your privacy settings on your social media accounts, you may enable for a two way communication of information – that is your content on your gallery may be published on your social media accounts and your information on your social media accounts may be published on your BG gallery. Therefore, you should check your privacy settings or not use your social media accounts to log-in to your BG gallery. However, should the privacy settings allow information to be published on you BG gallery, you give BG permission to access and obtain your information about your friends, contacts and your posts from those accounts.

    4. We collect Personal Information from your devices. Like many other sites, we set and use cookies to enhance your user experience, such as retaining your personal settings. We may use other existing technologies or technologies to be developed to track the use of our Site and Services, the preferences and activity of our users or the location from which they access our Site and Services. We may use technologies which allow us to see who is actually looking at our Site, how long they are staying on our Site, and what types of activity the viewers engage in.We may use pixel tags, which enable us to send email messages in a format containing pictures, and the tags tell us whether our email has been read and opened. We may use this information to judge the effectiveness of our email campaigns. Through the use of technologies, we collect information such as your device’s IP address and operating system, the date and time you accessed our Site and Services and how long you stayed our Site, from the devices you use to access our Site and Services.

    5. We may also collect Personal Information about you from third party partners, including advertisers on our Site, that we work with.

    6. You give us permission to use collect and use your Personal Information as per these Privacy Policy terms.

  5. How do we use your Personal Information

    1. We share the Personal Information we collect with your consent.

    2. We use the Personal Information for our internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, fraud prevention, user protection, research so that we can enhance our site and our services.We may provide the information to third party services providers that we use for services they provide to us

    3. We use the Personal Information for our internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, fraud prevention, user protection, research so that we can enhance our site and our services.We may provide the information to third party services providers that we use for services they provide to us

    4. We may share your Personal Information with our partners, and with the companies and professionals that we are affiliated. You have the right to contact us and ask us about our partners and the type of Personal Information that we share with them.

    5. We will also share your Personal Information: (i) pursuant to legal process or as requested by law enforcement; (ii) if we find that your use of our Site and Services violates our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, and/or other usage guidelines or as deemed reasonably necessary by us to protect our legal rights and/or property of BG, its users or third parties; or (iii) if our Site and Services are purchased by another person or entity or third party whereby that third party, person or entity will be able to use the Personal Information in the same manner as we can as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

  6. Personal Information that we cannot protect

    The Personal Information that can be obtained from the content you uploaded on our Site and Services can be accessed and collected by other users of BG. You agree and acknowledge that BG cannot prevent the collection and use of the Personal Information that is contained in the content that you upload and post on our Site and Services.

    Furthermore, Personal Information about you on your “my gallery” page that you publish on your other social media accounts will be accessible both to these services (may be harvested through cookies used by such services) and to the people who have access to your pages on such services.

  7. What can you do about your Personal Information

    1. You can access and edit the information and settings, including your consent to access, collect and share certain of your Personal Information, in your profile page at any time

    2. You may delete your user account from our servers. Once you delete your account, within a reasonable period of time, we will remove your Personal Information from our Servers. But, to protect BG and its users and in the interest of law enforcement, we will retain your Personal Information in our archives which cannot be accessed by anyone at BG except as may be required for law enforcement purposes or pursuant to legal process.

    3. After your delete your account, we will disable your gallery to prevent access by other BG users; however, we cannot delete or prohibit access to the content that you have shared with others on your social media sites such as on Facebook, and for the content that other users of BG have saved on their galleries. You should note that you will also no longer be able to access your gallery so you should have a backup of your content.

    4. We respect your Do Not Track browser setting

  8. Security of Personal Information

    We may use or store your Personal Information in other countries beside your own country.

    We will provide reasonable protection to your information in the form of physical, computer and administrative safeguards to try to prevent your information from being stolen, hacked from us or used without authorization by third parties. But, we do not represent or guarantee that the use of our Services will be free from loss, corruption, attack, viruses, interference, hacking or other security intrusions. You agree and acknowledge that you use our Services and Site at your sole risk, and therefore, we disclaim any and all liability to you relating to the use of your information because of a security attack on our Services and Site.

  9. Children

    Only persons age 18 and older (or who is of the age of legal maturity as determined by the laws of that user’s residence, if older than 18) who may legally enter into contracts may use our Site and Services. We do not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 13 (including photographs or videos containing images of persons under the age of 13), and will take steps to delete such information if we learn that this rule has been breached.If you are a parent (or legal guardian) of a minor younger than 13 years of age, please contact us if you learn that your child has registered an account with us or if you find that a user has uploaded and saved a photo, video or other depiction of your child on our Site. We will close the minor’s account and remove the photo, video or other depiction of your child expeditiously.

  10. We also collect and use non-personally identifiable information

    We also collect non-personally identifiable information that does not permit direct association with you or any other specific individual. For instance, we may collect data about a certain product and/or service from many customers, without collecting names, phone numbers, email addresses or IP addresses. We may look for fashions, trends or areas where we think that we or our partners can provide additional and/or improved services to you.

    We may collect, use, transfer and disclose non-personally identifiable information for any purpose.

  11. Third-Party Sites

    Bridal Gallery Site may contain links to other third parties providing products and services that may be of interest to you. We may collect information from those third party sites that are our partners for marketing purposes. If we collect Personal Information from such third party sites, it will be subject to this privacy policy.

    In the event you choose to use links that appear on our Site to visit other websites that do not belong or controlled by our partners, you are advised to read the privacy policies that appear on those websites. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection and use of Personal Information by such websites since we do not have any control over their practices or policies.

  12. Questions Concerning Our Privacy Policy

    If you have any questions about this Policy or our web site (website), please feel free to contact us or write to us at:

    Privacy Policy
    11 Collyer Quay, #10-16 The Arcade, Singapore 049317