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6 Tips For Picking Your Bridal Entourage You’re pooling together guests from across the country for your wedding day. They are all important to you and your groom. However, you have to select only a few from a long list of friends and relatives to include in your bridal entourage. Choosing who goes into your entourage list can be a stressful activity. To help you out, refer to these key pointers when you start the selection process. 1. Figure Out How Many You Really Need You can actually have as many as you want, but remember that having more members of your entourage could also mean more expenses on your part. Parents of either party excluded, oft-required members for contemporary wedding ceremonies are listed below. Note that you can add depending on your preference: At least one pair of primary sponsors or godparents One pair for each type of secondary sponsor (candle sponsors, cord sponsors, veil sponsors) Best Man Maid of Honor Flower Girl/s Ring, coin, and bible bearer Bridesmaids Groomsmen Junior bridesmaids (optional) Junior groomsmen (optional) 2. Pick A Responsible Maid Of Honor And Best Man These two people in your entourage are very important because they will be assisting you and your groom during the ceremony. Given that, pick those who can be entrusted with responsibilities and can stay calm even when under stress. Normally, these two are best friends of the bride and groom or if not, their very close relatives. By tradition, both are in charge of the bridal shower and the bachelor party. 3. Choose Kids Who Are At Least 4 Years Old For your flower girl/s and ring, coin, and bible bearers, it’s ideal to choose those who are at least 4 years old. Choose a niece, nephew, or a friend’s child who could do the processional march with less assistance. Check with your church if they allow children below 4 years old to be included in your entourage, in the case the kids you plan to assign those roles to are younger. 4. Your Bearers Can Be A Grown-Up In some weddings, the Best Man, another male friend, or a relative is assigned to carry the bible during the processional march. If no kids are available to take the role of ring, coin, and bible bearer, it’s an option to assign it to a grown-up, too. 5. Special Relationships Are A Priority It can’t be avoided that you get suggestions from your respective parents especially when it comes to selecting godparents. Of course, you want to say yes to your mom’s request of assigning her friend as your godparent. But at the end of the day, you want to look back at your wedding and say, “We chose these people because they are all special to us.” Choose people whom you and your fiancé have special bonds with. Your godparents must be able to support your marriage and give you some advice if you need one. 6. Ask Early While friends and relatives rarely turn down an invitation to be part of one’s entourage, it is nice to let them know as soon as you and your fiancé have decided to include them on your list. It's especially important if you're having a destination wedding or if whoever you're asking needs to travel far to get to the wedding venue. As a courtesy, telling them personally is preferable. If you are based outside the country, a personal chat over Skype or a phone call may be an alternative. Have you finalized your wedding entourage already? Try doing a prenup shoot with them before the ceremony for some extra fun! For other wedding tips, visit BG Bridal Gallery.
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Why You Need to Consider Wedding Hashtags on Your Big Day Wedding preparations can already be daunting on its own. What more when you include wedding hashtags on your plate? We know how this could create more dilemmas between couples. Of course, there are ways to handle the situation better. You do not want to be a bridezilla now, do you? There is no need to go jittery; everything should fall into place before and during your Big Day.But, of course, you need to plan carefully to make that happen. When it comes to creating wedding hashtags, think of it as one of the ways to make all the preparation light and fun. Though you also need to spend some brain cells on this one, do not be too stressed out about it. The goal is to make this entertaining and exciting.Why is it important? If you are planning everything, from the preparation to the actual wedding day, wedding hashtags are also a way to keep things organized, virtually at least. We are now living in the digital era where most people engage themselves online for the latest happenings with their friends' and families' lives. With your own curated wedding hashtag, you can have that little space on the web that you can proudly call yours. You can go back to it even years after the wedding day.It should come smoothly if you will consider these wedding hashtag ideas and how it works. Are you ready to have the best wedding hashtag of the year? Make sure your wedding hashtag is readable.It is ideal to create a hashtag that can easily be read and understood, not just by you, but also by your guests. While you may be aiming for fun wedding hashtags, it is still essential to make it formal somehow. Make sure that each word is capitalized. There is this hashtag online that goes #UnlimitedLoveStory; you might think it says Unlimited Loves Tory if each word wasn't capitalized and if unlimited is a name. Do you get our point?Take your cue from cute celebrity love team names.If your names match like celebrity couples or ex-celebrity couples, then that is a plus point! Think JaDine, LizQuen, and KathNiel or the Song-Song couple. You will be 100% original. Maybe you are high school sweethearts who already established a name and carved them on a tree somewhere. Are you guilty? Totally normal.Be inspired by your chosen location or wedding theme.Choosing a location and a theme for a wedding is a major decision to make, so why not utilize it for a more creative wedding hashtag? Say, you are both Potterheads. You can go for the hashtag #HarryAndGinnysRoadToHogwarts, and just replace "Harry" and "Ginny" with your names. Or maybe you're a fan of Alice in Wonderland? Then go for something like #QueenAndKingInWonderland. It may sound a little common, but when you input your first names, your love team name, or even pet names, that should do the trick. Also, if you are having a garden wedding or a ceremony by the ocean, you may think of something related to that, too. How about #TogetherAlwaves or #SEAriouslyInLove?Go ahead, and be "punny"!Just like how you correlate your wedding hashtags with the theme and location, you can really be "punny," too. Just a reminder though that puns are sometimes overrated. It's nice if you can come up with something on your own. You know how they say that many girls think the word marriage has a nice ring to it? Or when he proposed to her, she found it very engaging? If the guy’s name is Jin and the girl’s name is Jean, it can be #LeJINdaryWedding. You just need a bouquet of wit and a garter of humor.Use an alliteration.Wordplay is also fun to fiddle with. It has a beautiful sound to it like the wedding bells. Ah, that resonates. #EternallyEvans is a good example. How about #ForeverFletchers or #VaughanVows? What is important is you #WeaveWords together. Rhyming may also be the key to more imaginative wedding hashtags. How about something like #TheFajardosExchangeIDos?Mind the length.Make sure the length is reasonable. If it is too long, the guests might find it annoying to type. Not that they will tell you, and they will do it anyway for engagement and the love of you. It is just best to consider that. Also, the longer the hashtag gets, the more it might be harder to remember. Precise and “punny” may be the right formula. Keep it short, sweet, and simple.Include your wedding date.Putting the date of your wedding day will add a touch of originality to your hashtag. Unless you share the same names with another couple that is definitely marrying the same day that you are? Hmm, possible but very unlikely. You can also add your anniversary date when you were still girlfriend and boyfriend or the year since you have been together (e.g. #SamAndSonnySince2008). The day you got engaged can be considered as well. As long as these numbers are memorable to the both of you, then do it. It is your wedding after all.Let them in on your inside jokes.Inside jokes are for the couple’s amusement, sure. Guests may not get it, but you can start a conversation about it or include it in your speech to lighten up the mood before you start crying happy tears again. However, there are inside jokes that are better left to the couple’s knowledge. If you are not comfortable sharing a story, it is okay. Maybe it's too intimate or really personal that you want to keep it only for you two. This is just an idea that you might want to consider.Ask for others' opinion.While it is your wedding and you do you, anyway, it is still ideal to ask your family, friends, or your witty entourage members about the wedding hashtags you have in mind. It's okay to ask for their insights every once in a while, especially if you're stuck or if you really can't decide. They might be able to give you fresh ideas.Check for dupes!Say that you already settled on a hashtag, make sure you check it online to see if someone has used it already. Yes, this is a big world, and sometimes we all think alike, and wedding hashtags might appear the same. It can’t be helped. This is why you need to squeeze all your creative juices for this. It is all going to be worth it. Imagine that hashtag in your wedding photos and videos. Are you feeling all giddy now? Same here!You do not have to be a poet or good with words when you invent wedding hashtags. As long as it holds a great significance to your relationship, then it is what matters the most. 
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Popular Wedding Themes to Inspire You Just got engaged and have no idea where to get started with the wedding plans? Pick a theme first! Here are a few bride favorites you’ll definitely love: Rustic Chic The rustic feel is now being incorporated into so many events, including weddings, that the demand for mason jars, burlap sacks, and succulents may have tremendously increased over the last couple of years! And who could blame them? The rustic theme has a charming, laid-back vibe making it so easy to achieve, without sacrificing the beautiful and romantic ambience of your big day. Vintage This theme doesn’t seem to ever get old. Its elegant and timeless idea inspires couples to use old things as decors (like your grandfather’s antique pieces), and wear out of style dresses (like your mother’s beautifully preserved wedding dress)—a new definition of “something old” and “something borrowed”! Bohemian To put and describe it simply, the bohemian or boho theme is a mix of rustic and whimsical. The details, especially in terms of the venue decors, are very plain and easy with a lot of colors and textures involved. Bohemian is perfect for an easy-going, out-of-the-ordinary wedding. Fairy Tale There is nothing quite like celebrating your "happily ever after" than by having a fairytale wedding. This theme has become popular among brides simply because it makes them feel like a princess on their big day! As fancy as it sounds, the fairytale theme doesn’t take a lot to achieve. Just add a little shimmer and some sparkle, and you're set! These are just some of the themes that are very popular in the wedding world right now. Be sure to take your pick!
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