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Which Wedding Professionals Would You Need to Hire? SC Weddings And EventsMost couples tend to go for D.I.Y weddings because they feel that it is the most cost-effective way to go. But they can't be more wrong. Weddings require a lot of preparations, and thus if one goes for D.I.Y there is a huge possibility for them to commit mistakes. Well, one's wedding is not really the kind of event that you want to be less than perfect. With that, we at BG Bridal Gallery strongly suggest that you let an expert assist you in the wedding planning. There's just one question: what kind of professional should you hire? Our wedding experts have got you covered.Wedding PlannersWedding planners are professionals who will help assist in wedding planning from day one up to the last day of the wedding preparation process. They are responsible for every step of the wedding planning such as taking care of the logistics of the event, as well as looking for vendors that suit your style and budget. They may also do the final payments on your behalf and deal with problems whenever they occur. Day of Wedding CoordinatorsDay of wedding coordinators are wedding planners that you hire between eight to three weeks before the wedding day. They do not handle things like the wedding planners do because the shorter the service, the less money required. But, they can really get things into pace especially if you need an extra hand.Wedding Designers and StylistsWedding designers and stylists are responsible for putting things together and making sure that the right ambiance for your wedding is set. They oversee the cohesiveness of every detail from linens, favors, décor and lighting, ceremony programs, and floor plans just to name a few. Some of them even offer stationery and floral design services, so it is imperative to ensure that you get the right packages at the right fees.Venue CoordinatorsVenue coordinators are wedding coordinators that supervise everything that happens in the venue alone. They won’t help on your timetable for the wedding day and won’t take care of your hair and makeup session. They just make sure that everything in the venue is polished.SWEETLIFE EVENTS BY AIZA PEÑAFLORCatering ManagersCaterers will serve as your menu consultant. They will take care of your preferred main course, dishes and up to the entire beverage to be served. Of course, they will set up menu tasting for you as well. They work with venue coordinators to make your wedding venue set-up as perfect as you want it to be.Wedding Photographers/VideographersTaking photos and videos are not as easy as it looks. Well, sure it is easy with the clicks here and there, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you definitely want to have a high-quality output, and you can only get that from wedding professionals. You would want to remember every single detail, but memory may fail, so it is best to photograph it. Photos are a sort of time capsule. You do not just pay for the skills and materials; you are paying for a lifetime product.Professional DJsProfessional DJs do not just play your favorite music; they add entertainment to it. You may have a set playlist for your wedding, but DJs will know when exactly to play it. You will be preoccupied with your wedding day to sense what is happening around you, so that is exactly what professionals DJs will do for you—play the right tracks at the right moment. Florists and Cake MakersFlowers make the wedding more interesting. It intensifies the mood and the color palette of your wedding designs. You do not need expensive blooms, but you need an excellent arrangement.The cake is not just for decorations; it holds great significance in a couple’s union. Most of the time, it also exudes your wedding theme—is it rustic, modern, or classic?Say you can bake, like really good, but do you want to go through all that trouble while you are juggling other things for your wedding? Yes, we know. You do not like that as well.Tamayo's Catering
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12 Tips On How To Plan A Small Wedding One of the things people like about small weddings is the cut on costs, but there are actually a lot more to love about it.With a small wedding, you get to be more creative - with seating charts, wedding themes, decorations, and many more.Most importantly, you’ll get to create an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.Surely, there’s a vast difference between planning an ordinary-sized big day compared to a small wedding.With that, we’ve collected these 12 helpful tips from our wedding planners in the Philippines to help you organize your small wedding.Once you’re done reading this, we’re sure you’ll be itching to get started with planning your wedding.1. Choose a Non-Traditional Wedding Venue Having a small wedding means you don’t have to fit hundreds of people into one venue.With that, you’re free to choose a more creative wedding spot.You could consider places like your first date, a coffee shop or library. You name it.It could even be a destination wedding.By nature, these types of weddings only have a small number of guests since there are only a few people can make it to places like the Caribbean, Palawan, Campaign Island, and many more. It’s time to get creative! You can start giving your wedding theme a twist, but that’s not the only way to get creative. Why not get a food truck? It’s unique, modern, and cool. The only downside to hiring a food truck is that it can’t handle big weddings. Luckily, you only have your eyes on a small wedding. Maybe there’s a local favorite that your guests love or perhaps you remember an old food truck that you and your fiance used to visit when you were still in college. Dishes like ice cream, pizzas, and tacos are sure to get the wedding spirit going.2. Not The White Dress Type? Opt For A City Hall Wedding Also Check Out: Quick Guide: The Ideal Wedding ChecklistMany girls like being the lady of the night.They love everything shiny and glamorous, but what if you’re the casual, down-to-earth type? No big deal. You can have a city hall wedding instead of going all out.Take a photographer with you as you head to city hall so that your wedding day memories can live on.What happens after?The party’s not over yet.After exchanging “I dos”, it’s time to take your friends and relatives to brunch.3. Don't Forget To Take Group Pictures On Your WeddingThere’s only one thing we love better than attending weddings: flipping through the photos.Taking a group picture seems impossible for a big wedding.With that, take your small guest list as an opportunity to make wonderful memories.We know what you love: the wedding dress, cake, the ring.Several years from now, you won’t be looking at your dress.You won’t be thinking about how your wedding cake tasted back in the day.You won’t even be checking if your ring still looks good on you.You’ll be looking at your wedding photos, remembering the people who went on your big day.4. Potluck Meal For Your WeddingAlso Check Out: 25 Drugstore Buys That Should Be In Your Bridal KitPotluck meals are parties or events where each guest brings their own dish.If you plan to have a super small wedding - like if you’ve invited family only, potluck meals are a fun way to get everybody together and bond.Not only that, but it also helps if you’re a little low on budget.In every family, there are people who are considered the baker or the junior chef.Grandmothers are usually pretty good at baking cakes or if you have an aunt who makes wonderful potato salad, we’re sure they’ll love to bring some on your wedding.Aside from the cut on costs, we also think this is a great way to make the celebration much more meaningful.5. Go For Out-Of-The-Box Wedding Venues Being able to invite only a small group of people on your wedding day is one way to make your celebration more meaningful, but you can still take it up a notch by having your big day at a rare venue.Your favorite coffee shop, bakery, or pet shop don’t typically hold weddings.Big occasions like this don’t usually fit in those settings, but if you have a wedding small enough, you might just get your out-of-the-box wedding venues.6. You Can Go All Out On Wedding EntertainmentAlso Check Out: 10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dance Extra SpecialSince smaller weddings mean lesser spending, you can focus your budget on things that matter to you like entertainment or fancy venues.You can hire a professional pianist to make the celebration romantic.Getting the best photographer in town will bring you lasting photographic memories.Perhaps you want to spend all the extras for your wedding dress? Why not?It is your Big Day.Spend as much as you want on yourself and feel good about it.How about using those extras for your wedding favors and gifts?Your guests would love that!7. Focus Your Budget On Wedding Design Remember, small weddings mean fewer spaces and tables.With that, when it comes to the design of your big day, your imagination is your only limit.You can focus on the details.People usually focus on table design, but for small weddings, you have more freedom to decorate the spaces.You may want to look at plants, lights, fabrics, or anything else that can add to your wedding’s overall atmosphere.So, if there’s some familial ornament that you want to add to your big day, a small wedding is certainly perfect.Maybe there’s an heirloom that has been in your family for ages.Perhaps vintage china or hand-embroidered napkins.Design matters, but make sure that your venue doesn’t become overcrowded.Guests should have elbow space so that they can move freely and have a good time.You should also make sure that essentials like water, wine, and flatwares are accessible.Your guests shouldn’t have to roam the entire venue just to find them.Lastly, the centerpieces shouldn’t keep them from seeing their partners.8. Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special If someone made it to your invitation that must mean she’s an important person in your life.While, you enjoy how your big day, you should also spend some time making sure your guests feel special on this fabulous day.It’s not so easy making people feel special if there are about 200 of them.You need to spread your resources among all your guests, but since you’re having a small wedding, you get to focus your attention on a smaller group of people.With that, you can make your rehearsal dinner more elaborate.You can book a luxurious hotel.We think your guests will be more than happy to receive an invitation from you to stay with them.Maybe you can also prepare welcome boxes and gift baskets for everyone attending your big day.Provide transportation options or perhaps, create personalized favors as giveaways.9. Plan Wedding Side Events All Around The City Also Check Out: 5 Instagrammable Destinations for Your Honeymoon This 2018!People are usually used to weddings being all about the ceremony and reception, the exchanging of vows, the march down the aisle, but we’re sure your guests would love to see some twist in the celebration.What if you could organize some side activities?Maybe you’re getting married in a magnificent city.You could set up sightseeing to make the event more enjoyable.You can go a scavenger hunt.Divide the team into teams and let the fun begin.10. Organize An After Party For The Wedding Reception Weddings are a wonderful time.When you’re the one wearing that gown coupled with the nicest shoes, it feels like you don’t want your moment to end just yet.Maybe you can extend it a bit further through an after party.It doesn’t have to super fancy.Just make sure there are food, lights, and good music.It’s time to hit the dance floor.Dance while you can.Celebrate your moment.Don’t forget the drinks for later.11. Write Your Own Wedding Vows Having a small wedding is one way to make your big day more meaningful.You got an amazing wedding venue.Everyone you love is there to celebrate with you.There’s just one thing left missing: a more personalized wedding vow.It makes perfect sense.You decided to have a small wedding because having a smaller group makes your big day feel more special.Now, why don’t you try making your vows unique and special?It doesn’t have to sound like something Shakespeare has written.Just be yourself and say exactly what’s in your heart.12. Make Your Wedding Vow Ceremony Private Some couples like to be surrounded by lots of people while others prefer a more private celebration, but let’s not forget the people who lie in between.They want the best of both worlds: a party with their friends and an event where there is only the two of them.If that sounds like your kind of wedding, you may want to make your vow ceremony private, away from the eyes of your guests.It’s one way to make things more intimate between you and your partner.Maybe there’s a mountain that you really want to hike with your fiance.Apart from your intimate moment, you’ll also get to bond before you are officially announced as husband and wife.Don’t worry.You can recite your wedding vows to your guests soon after so everyone can celebrate with you.
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10 Reasons Why You Won't Regret Hiring a Wedding Planner Planning a wedding sounds exciting, but in reality, it is one of the stressful things you can experience in your life, especially if you don't have someone to help you. Achieving your dream wedding sounds impossible when you only have yourself to plan for it.Believe us, it's possible to pull off a great wedding with do-it-yourself planning, but it's not going to be a one-person job! Even if you DIY, you'll need the help of others—your husband-to-be, your parents and siblings, your future in-laws, your friends, and anyone who could spare time for you (and keep you sane).It's really that big of a deal, which gives you a hint on why professional wedding planners exist. Brides and grooms may have heard already how important it is to have a wedding coordinator, and some of you may have heard of wedding planners, too.What's the difference between a coordinator and planner, really, and which one would you need? We'll talk about that later on, but the list below will give you an idea already how advantageous it could be if you opt for a wedding planner rather than just an on-the-day coordinator.Here are ten reasons why hiring a wedding planner is absolutely worth your money and why you won't regret the wedding expense. 1. He or she makes the impossible possible. Are you one of those people who check Pinterest for great ideas for weddings? You can share your ideas with a wedding planner to help them envision the type of wedding you want. They can even upgrade your idea into something better. Brainstorming with a pro will be really helpful since they can offer insights from the weddings they previously handled or the industry trends that they will surely be familiar with.For instance, you've always dreamed of having a destination wedding, but you're not sure if you can pull it off. You know that it can be challenging to find the right wedding venue, get the right suppliers, ensure every guest is managed well, accomplish all the documents you'll be required to get, and the list goes on and on!There will be a lot of logistics involved, and it will be difficult to survive through it all. With a wedding planner, your dream wedding is possible—he or she can make it work and may even offer complete wedding packages that have all you need.2. The expert organizes everything. Not good with organizing? Worry not because they will keep you reminded of the schedules! Be it food tasting, fitting, location visits, and anything else in between. They will keep you and everything on track. You just have to relax and focus on your life, your job, and the details of your wedding like your entourage list. All the other major wedding planning tasks can be taken on by your wedding planner.The best part is that you won't need to find and talk to so many wedding suppliers on your own. For the average wedding nowadays, it could take around 20 different suppliers (from individuals and vendors to retailers and companies). Sometimes, you would need to coordinate with more than one person in one company (e.g. caterers with different sales personnel and accounts managers).Your wedding planner can give you referrals, and he or she will take care of the negotiating, the schedules, and the number one priority of making sure you get what you want.3. Wedding planning becomes hassle-free. We worry a lot when it comes to big occasions because we want everything to go as planned. There are a few couples who end up skipping meals and getting sick.Some brides and grooms even use up their precious vacation leaves just to fulfill all the tasks. Some would even exhaust themselves working while wedding planning at the same time. It's the reality of do-it-yourself wedding planning, and it's not a pretty picture for a couple who just wants to prepare for and have the best day of their lives.Hiring a planner with hassle=free wedding packages will mean that you have more time for rest, work, and other things you need to take care of. He or she will be in charge of the nitty gritty of your big day, such as the coordination with suppliers and the finalization of the details with them. If there's a problem that pops up, your planner will make sure it gets resolved without you experiencing hassles. You will get enough beauty rest for your wedding, hopefully!4. You get help with managing your wedding budget. Budgeting your rent, food, and other living expenses for a month is waaay different from budgeting your wedding expenses! It's a major problem, especially if this would be your first time having an event like this (actually, every time there's a big event like this, it will be challenging!)Having an expert help you with budgeting can make your life easier, definitely. Plus, setting your wedding budget is one thing, but sticking to it is a whole different ball game.Professional wedding planners would usually have template budget sheets or checklists for all the wedding expenses you need to prepare for. They can help you realize that there are costs you won't expect but you really need to allot a portion of your budget on.They can give you estimates based on their experience, too, so you can prepare for it or save enough money for the event. Lastly, they can keep your expenses in check and ensure that you won't end up broke just because of your wedding. 5. He or she knows credible suppliers. Being in the wedding business means they have known several suppliers before they started to venture. Thus, it's easy for them to give you the name of the company with the best quality of flowers or the most gorgeous cake you’ll ever see! You can find out which photo-video coverage company won't let you down and which caterer will have the most value-for-money offers.You can even get insider info on some of the big names in the wedding industry. You can also get a full wedding package from your planner, so you don't have to worry about the major suppliers.It's becoming such a problem now in the Philippines to know who to trust, especially with such a major event. Your planner will make sure you won't get scammed. He or she does background checks and never recommends companies or vendors who don't have a good track record.If there will be a glitch or a concern that needs to be resolved with the supplier, your planner will take care of ironing it for you (instead of you or a relative of yours being the one who gets stressed on your wedding day).6. You can discounts, sometimes, too. No matter how good we are in negotiating, there are only slim chances that we can get a discount with wedding vendors. Especially if you get married during peak wedding seasons or if you're eyeing in-demand wedding suppliers, you might find it challenging to make them agree to your preferred price. You will compete with others, and others might be able to pull strings. You should have someone on your side fighting with and for you.Wedding planners have been in the business for a long time, and they already know how to negotiate and close a deal with the suppliers with discounts! They are on an ongoing business, and they have trusted suppliers that they've worked with for years.It's not a guarantee that they can score you discounts, but they will have better chances when it comes to bargaining. At the very least, they can haggle to get you some freebies.7. The wedding planner can help you with almost anything.They are like your wedding best friend, and they won't say no if you ask for help as long as it's within their capacity! If you resort to asking your friends or relatives, they may not be able to help you with some things because they may not be good at it, or they just don’t know how to make it work. With a wedding planner, you can lay out all your terms and read up on all of theirs through your contract, and you can agree on what you can expect from them.Do you need an outsider opinion on which wedding dress style looks best and which one you should pick in a bridal store? Have you given up on following up with that annoying wedding guest who hasn't sent in his RSVP five days before the wedding? Trust that your wedding planner will be willing to help you.In some cases, Filipino couples who are working overseas would plan to hold their wedding in the Philippines. From the time they get engaged until the wedding day, these couples may not have enough vacation days they can use to go home and prepare for their wedding.It's in these cases that wedding planners can step in, do the big tasks for the couple, and assist them all throughout the wedding preparation, which really sets them apart from wedding coordinators whose major responsibilities all happen just on the day of the wedding.8. They can provide solutions to last-minute problems. There will always be something that will try to ruin your big day, but if you are in good hands, they can find a solution for it even if it happens at the last minute! They don't have only Plan B, but also a Plan C, D, and E!If the professional has handled numerous weddings over the years, chances are, they have already experienced various wedding planning and wedding day mishaps. They already know how to troubleshoot or have the necessary preparations in place to avoid the usual issues.Did your wedding reception venue—*knock on wood*—catch on fire, and you need to find a new venue in time for your wedding? Did your dress get a tiny rip that needs to be fixed? A wedding planner that's willing to go above and beyond for clients will be there to the rescue. You can bet that they are multitalented and flexible individuals who are dedicated to making you a happy bride and groom.9. They are experts at wedding planning. No one knows how to run a wedding better than a wedding planner! If you have a dream wedding in mind, don't ever hesitate to hire them. They will give you the wedding that you've always been wanting to have because they already know the dos and don’ts. They will make sure you get what you want and just enjoy your day at your wedding.If you're thinking of entrusting wedding planning duties to an inexperienced sibling or a close friend, it can be very risky. You might think it will help you cut on wedding costs, but their inexperience can be more expensive eventually. You don't want to take that risk.Unlike an on-the-day wedding coordinator, on the other hand, a planner will be with you every step of the way. From the start of your wedding preparations to even after your wedding, you will have someone to rely on. Just make sure you get a full-service planning package and you trust in a credible company. 10. You will have more spare time and peace of mind. You need to enjoy your engagement because it only happens once in your lifetime! Go and travel with your fiancé, rediscover new places with your bestie, and spend more time with your family. If you're an overseas Filipino worker or if you and your groom are too busy, you can trust your planner to make sure everything goes smoothly. The bride-to-be needs to have that glow during her wedding—not bags under her eyes! The groom-to-be shouldn't spend his big day consoling his partner after experiencing setbacks, too. So relax and let a wedding planner do the job for you.BG Bridal Gallery offers full-service wedding packages that cover planning, on-the-day coordination, and other essentials, such as the wedding photo-video coverage, gown, suit, flowers, invites, and more. Contact us to know more.
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Cebu is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region, comprising Cebu Island and more than 150 smaller surrounding islands and islets. Popular for its beautiful islands, Cebu is most certainly a destination/beach weddings.



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