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10 Things You Need to Know About a Christian Wedding We all have different kinds of wedding tradition in our religion.  Roman Catholics opt to wear a bridal dress that is not showing too much skin, Muslims opt to wear their traditional colorful wedding dress while Christians are opting to wear a white bridal dress that signifies purity.  Today we will talk about the flow of a Christian wedding and everything you need to know about it.Wedding DressThe bride should wear a white wedding dress because it signifies purity in heart and life.  Christians also believe that this is a symbol or righteousness of Christ.VeilThis reminds the Christians of purity, too.  The removing of the veil means the separation of God and man has been taken away, meaning the believers has an access to the presence of God. Seating ArrangementThe family of the groom and bride needs to sit on the opposite side of the church.  This symbolizes the cutting of the blood of the covenant.  The GroomAs a tradition, the groom walks down the aisle first because the groom is Christ and he established the blood covenant first initiated by God.The BrideThe father of the bride walks her down the aisle and gives her away to the groom.  This also symbolizes the blessing of the bride’s parents for their union.Joining rights handsAs the bride and the groom join hands while saying their wedding vows.  This also means the new chapter of their life together; two bodies becoming as one and leaving their families to be with their other half.Exchanging of ringsThe main symbol of marriage is a wedding ring.  This has been a tradition in other religions, too!  This symbolizes unending circle and eternal love for each other.  This also means that what the groom has is also now a property of the bride, and that goes the same with the bride’s property, too.The announcement of husband and wifeWhen the pastor announced that they are now husband and wife, it is already official.  The couple is now one in the eyes of God and their new chapter begins.ReceptionThe meal that they are going to feed their guests is part of the covenant.  The couple opts to share their blessings of the covenant and reception also illustrates the wedding supper of the lamb.Throwing of the rice They say that this is familiar with the throwing of the seeds.  The throwing of the rice symbolizes the primary course of marriage; to create a family that will serve and honor the Lord.  This also means the fruitfulness of marriage.
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Wedding Day Survival Tips for Introverted Brides Introverts are not all socially awkward like what the myth says. However, introverts prefer more alone time because being surrounded by people can be draining for them. Weddings can be one of the horrors for introverts, but it does not have to! The more that introverted brides realize that there are alternatives for the traditional weddings, the more they would get less stage fright and hyperventilation. Here are some wedding tips for brides who want to get the best out of their wedding without compromising their personality type: It is not all about you. Hear, hear. It is your Big Day, and you are the center of attention, but not all eyes are on you all the time. Keep in mind that weddings usually tend to become a reunion for another circle of friends you have. It is also probably the first time again in a long while that you will see them in the same room. Watch these people catch up whenever possible. It is the first on the list of wedding tips for brides because once you realize this enough, everything will follow suit smoothly. Be low-key and opt for an intimate wedding. If you really do not want to do an elopement, one of the best wedding tips for brides is to have a smaller crowd for the Big Day. Your wedding, your invites. It does not have to include all the people you know. Introverts do not particularly mean that they have few friends, but if that is the case, you won’t have much of a hard time to scrap the long list. Hire professionals. Your wedding planner and on-the-day coordinator can help the introverted brides more than they realize. You do not have to talk to your vendors if you do not want to. Let the professionals do the job for you.Meet the partner. Couples can meet on the wedding day itself before they do the ceremony. Through this, both of you can feel that you are really in this together. One of the wedding tips for brides as well is that you do not have to be a traditionalist. You can take it differently by walking down the aisle with your partner or do not walk down the aisle at all. It is your wedding; it is your call. Decide on the social role. One of the wedding tips for brides to be realized is to know each other’s personality type, on top of it all. If you and your partner are both introverts, then make ways on how to work it out with the guests. You can do it entirely together, or just divide the roles. If one of you is an extrovert, then let the social butterfly do all the talking. Introverts do talk, so talk if necessary. It is your wedding. Casual pre-wedding. This one may seem off from other wedding tips for brides because this will require, well, people. But, a casual pre-wedding before the Big Day may familiarize the bride with everybody who is going to be at the wedding. It may create a sense of ease knowing that you already met and talked to them prior to the occasion. Familiarity does not necessarily take away fright, but it can be lessened. Leave room for your thought. Introverts tend to overthink. The more they hear too many opinions, the more they will feel claustrophobic. Try to fill in your mind with the most positive things and the happiest moments you can think because c’mon, you deserve to be flying in the clouds and be showered with rainbows and fairy dust on your wedding. The sweetheart table is not necessary. One of the most basic wedding tips for brides is to break the rules. If you think that having a sweetheart table will draw more attention to you, then skip it. Share a meal with whoever you want among your guests if you feel more at ease that way. Have a downtime before and after the wedding. You do not have to do the honeymoon right after the wedding. You can have a break for weeks before you plan that. Wedding planning can be overwhelming on itself, let alone the wedding day. Please take note of what kind of introvert you are before if you do all the plan. Some introverts really feel exhausted around crowds to the point of fatigue. If this is the case for you, always take a breather here and there. Introverted brides should not feel any different towards weddings. It is essential to note that it can be as customizable as you want it to be. Norms are just standards created probably years ago by the old society. We are in the 21st century now, and you can have your wedding as for how you want it. One of the best weddings tips for brides is to follow your heart and not what everybody else says. You do you, girl.
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RSVP deadline: Wedding RSVP Etiquette for You and Your Guests In the earlier times, the RSVP etiquette for weddings differed to a substantial degree. In those times, guests let the hosts know whether they would be attending a wedding by writing their response on their own stationery and mailing it back to the return address on the envelope. Répondez s’il vous plait or RSVP, is the request for such response, was located in the bottom left corner. This indicated that a written response was requested, and also signified that the guest would write the response on their stationery and send it to the address from which the invitation originated. But in current times the guests are now given a bit more compensation, but that doesn’t completely replace the thought that there is a certain etiquette involved with the formal reply. Presently, the communicative demands of both the host and the guests are irrefutably upgraded. When your event is formal, chances are the planning is more intense.Here, we'll show you how to classify the formal from casual RSVP etiquette when it comes to making a precise formal response card for today’s modern events.Essentially, response cards help hosts keep the record of the guest list, which is an important part of the preparation process. Response cards serve as a preliminary of personal communication between a guest and the host. Responses also affect things like pricing and seating charts and ultimately the cost.That association between the host providing the ambiance, and the guest providing the support, is a significant and often neglected feature of this traditional piece of social mode. Neglecting to engage in this aspect, for example, the “RSVP dance” is one of the most often perpetrated, and easily identified social mistake.We'll guide you through one of the most important parts of the modern formal wedding invitation suite. In this article, we rule out the edicts for RSVP etiquette.The Style In modern formal wedding invitations, a response card is sent accompanying with the ceremony card and is printed in the same style (i.e. the fonts and formats) and stationary as the rest of the wedding invitation set. Always remember that response card envelopes should always be pre-addressed and stamped to make it as easy as possible for guests to respond immediately.According to second-generation traditional rules of RSVP etiquette, a response card should be a blank card. In that blank canvas, the R.S.V.P. is printed should be printed at the lower left corner of the card or you can just let the stationary blank, without any print and with only a reply date printed at the top. The guest should respond with a written note, including their full name and who will be with them in the ceremony, along with a few lines of greetings and wishes for the hosts.Take note that if you use “favor/favour” on the response card should be consistent in the style of “honor/honour” used on the ceremony card.As a host, you may feel that you should offer a bit more supervision for the guests. If the invitation is formal, you should keep in mind that you necessarily leave room for the merriment of a written response.Truly, weddings often include several different events or entertainments. In this case, the response card can work as a way for guests to advice for each of the events as well as provide a space for notes to the couple and/or entrée selections for the reception.As RSVP etiquette, if wedding sequence includes other activities hosted by the same person or couple sending the wedding invitation suite, you may have the need for more head counting. You may need a larger card so that you leave room for guests to correspond with you properly so you'll not regret it! Just remember to keep your grouping clear, and wording to a minimum. Those little notes of good wishes are keepsakes for a lifetime.The letter “M” should be printed onto the response card, this indicates where guests should write their name and the names of anyone with whom they are attending, and this is another RSVP etiquette the hosts should remember. When the envelope indicates that the guest could bring another guest, write the name of the guest on the reply card. This way, the hosts will know the names of all guests in order to use that information on escort cards, gifts, and seating charts.RSVP etiquette for guests is that as soon as you receive an invitation, you should mark your calendar, consult your plus-one and then respond punctually. In the event, you find yourself unable to attend a wedding after you responded that you will be there, call the bride or groom immediately in an effort to lessen any nuisances. This will give them a chance to rearrange any preparations they have made regarding your attendance. Never give an explicit response.If you responded without a plus-one and RSVP etiquette says do NOT bring a guest, even if you were originally invited to bring one. You must be consistent with your response. Make no mistake: Response cards are modern incarnations of a reply steeped in tradition and RSVP etiquette.
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Cebu is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region, comprising Cebu Island and more than 150 smaller surrounding islands and islets. Popular for its beautiful islands, Cebu is most certainly a destination/beach weddings.



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