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Engagement Photo Ideas to Steal In the digital age today, most of us or probably all of us want to have a perfect angle in front of the  camera. The world now is full of selfies and groupies wherein in just one click, it will be posted  worldwide. Particularly for the couples, they are so into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social  media sites sharing their special moments together. For engaged couples, probably they use these sites  to have some engagement photo ideas. Going to your engagement photo shoot session might be challenging especially if you do not have any engagement photo ideas. But one thing is for sure, you want your engagement photos to be at their finest! So, before searching and taking poses, you should need a professional photographer. He will be able to recreate poses and make new engagement photo ideas. To help you with your decision making, here are some creative engagement photo ideas that will surely fit for your engagement pictorial. Have fun, be creative and ensure that your love and astounding personalities shine through! 1. The Traditional Pose The traditional pose is the most typical engagement photo ideas to shoot. Side by side shots normally capture the couple sitting, walking or maybe even dancing cheek to cheek. These shots are usually made  up of series of pictures that include head and shoulders, full body and half body shots while you and  your fiancé or fiancee are looking dearly to the camera. While this traditional pose normally do not showcase lots of personality, these shots are perfect to include in save-the-dates. After all, your invited guests want to see the wonderful couple and it may be a  great souvenir for them to put it in a frame. 2. The Reflective Pose These kinds of engagement photo ideas are shot to convey more of feelings. They convey your love story in front of the camera very quietly and secretively. To capture these virtuously and attractively, it is best to do it candid and unplanned. You need a skilled photographer to capture these scenes. There are many options for these shots to make as a background, from open sunny grassland to gorgeous  waves or magnificent mountains. Photo by Daniel Talavera PhotographyProfessional photographers often captured these between posed types of shots while sharing beautiful moments together as a couple. Just remember to empty your mind for a while and relax so you can  enjoy the photo shoot with your loved one. Cherish every moment! 3. The Embrace Pose For couples who do not like to be intimate in front of other people because they are not comfortable with it, a simple embrace is enough for it is a figurative gesture of love and makes a beautiful photograph. Who does not love a hug, anyway? Especially if it comes from your true love, you will feel safe and secure. By doing this pose, for girls, your partner may wrap his arms around while he stands behind you or you can embrace him facing each other like he is giving you a hug. Photo by Ray Bien Maglonzo Fashion DesignerEngagement photo shoot can become dull and boring if you are in stationary poses all throughout the session. So, it is better to take this creative shot and do not be afraid to show that you are a kid at heart. Besides, it is sweet to show off your fun loving personalities by doing piggyback poses with your partner. 4. The Detailed Pose It is true that wedding is all about intricate details. So, from a detailed view of your glistening engagement ring up to close shots of your toes and hands – these symbolically depicts your love in the humblest forms.It is time to take special tokens of love while striking a pose. Other shot for this is holding hands while walking on the beach with the engagement rings are up close. 5. The Almost Kiss Pose Probably you want at least to have the engagement photo ideas by sharing a kiss. But if you are too shy about it, try the “almost kiss” pose! Oftentimes, kissing can be a little funny looking so keep it as very romantic as possible. Mind you, it is normal to feel butterflies on your stomach while having engagement photo shoot especially if you do this pose. It absolutely makes "kilig" for the couple. To be more comfortable while doing this, try your best to stare at each other’s eyes and do not mind the photographer. Photo by Daniel Talavera PhotographyWhen photographing engaged couples, it is fun to have a break with formal poses a bit. Natural features like spontaneous gaze and interaction help tell the story of who these people are as a couple and will celebrate their togetherness as one and love for each other. Just like in Taylor Swift song, “Capture it, remember it”, be fearless with your engagement photo ideas! Of course you absolutely want to seize every moment that you have spent through your pictures of your  husband-to-be or wife-to-be. Photos also capture your love for each other. Trust us, it reflects!Do you already have your engagement photo style and ideas? share and let us know by commenting it down below! 
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Which Wedding Professionals Would You Need to Hire? SC Weddings And EventsMost couples tend to go for D.I.Y weddings because they feel that it is the most cost-effective way to go. But they can't be more wrong. Weddings require a lot of preparations, and thus if one goes for D.I.Y there is a huge possibility for them to commit mistakes. Well, one's wedding is not really the kind of event that you want to be less than perfect. With that, we at BG Bridal Gallery strongly suggest that you let an expert assist you in the wedding planning. There's just one question: what kind of professional should you hire? Our wedding experts have got you covered.Wedding PlannersWedding planners are professionals who will help assist in wedding planning from day one up to the last day of the wedding preparation process. They are responsible for every step of the wedding planning such as taking care of the logistics of the event, as well as looking for vendors that suit your style and budget. They may also do the final payments on your behalf and deal with problems whenever they occur. Day of Wedding CoordinatorsDay of wedding coordinators are wedding planners that you hire between eight to three weeks before the wedding day. They do not handle things like the wedding planners do because the shorter the service, the less money required. But, they can really get things into pace especially if you need an extra hand.Wedding Designers and StylistsWedding designers and stylists are responsible for putting things together and making sure that the right ambiance for your wedding is set. They oversee the cohesiveness of every detail from linens, favors, décor and lighting, ceremony programs, and floor plans just to name a few. Some of them even offer stationery and floral design services, so it is imperative to ensure that you get the right packages at the right fees.Venue CoordinatorsVenue coordinators are wedding coordinators that supervise everything that happens in the venue alone. They won’t help on your timetable for the wedding day and won’t take care of your hair and makeup session. They just make sure that everything in the venue is polished.SWEETLIFE EVENTS BY AIZA PEÑAFLORCatering ManagersCaterers will serve as your menu consultant. They will take care of your preferred main course, dishes and up to the entire beverage to be served. Of course, they will set up menu tasting for you as well. They work with venue coordinators to make your wedding venue set-up as perfect as you want it to be.Wedding Photographers/VideographersTaking photos and videos are not as easy as it looks. Well, sure it is easy with the clicks here and there, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you definitely want to have a high-quality output, and you can only get that from wedding professionals. You would want to remember every single detail, but memory may fail, so it is best to photograph it. Photos are a sort of time capsule. You do not just pay for the skills and materials; you are paying for a lifetime product.Professional DJsProfessional DJs do not just play your favorite music; they add entertainment to it. You may have a set playlist for your wedding, but DJs will know when exactly to play it. You will be preoccupied with your wedding day to sense what is happening around you, so that is exactly what professionals DJs will do for you—play the right tracks at the right moment. Florists and Cake MakersFlowers make the wedding more interesting. It intensifies the mood and the color palette of your wedding designs. You do not need expensive blooms, but you need an excellent arrangement.The cake is not just for decorations; it holds great significance in a couple’s union. Most of the time, it also exudes your wedding theme—is it rustic, modern, or classic?Say you can bake, like really good, but do you want to go through all that trouble while you are juggling other things for your wedding? Yes, we know. You do not like that as well.Tamayo's Catering
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Picking The Right Gift Preferences For Your Wedding Registry People look forward to wedding ceremonies. Regardless of whether it is their wedding or not, people are sure to anticipate the event. This great anticipation is the reason why whenever a friend or family member gets married, people naturally want to have a gift to hand over to the marrying couple on their big day.Now that your time to tie the not is also nearing, you can bet that your would-be-guests are already on the run to look for presents they can give you on your big day. What kind of gifts would you like to receive? Some people prefer to give the marrying couple some cash (because a marrying couple will usually start building a home after the celebration, which requires some capital). However, if you want to give your guests more options, you need to create a wedding registry. Basically, a gift registry serves to provide the guests with a list of gift items the couple wants to receive in their wedding.  There are a lot of items that couples can put in their registry. The sky is the limit, but these are things that you need to thoroughly think about. You should ask for gifts that you will find useful after your wedding while considering your guests' budget. Usability and budget are often difficult to balance. You're going to need lots of gift inspirations before you can come up with your own wedding registry list. Nah. All you really need is to take heed of these tips we are about to give you. Tips for Creating the Wedding RegistryComing up a wedding registry list is a task all on its own, but this gives the couple an excuse to go window shopping and check out  items they always wanted to have.But with the abundance in gift possibilities, how do you narrow down your list?The Gifts Does not Have to be just Appliances and other Household ItemsThere is a presumption that wedding registries should only include appliances and other household items. But there are instances when this rule is inapplicable. One example would be people who got married for the second time. The latter would probably already have something cozy to snuggle on every night, and thus, the person will not need appliances as wedding presents anymore. You don't have to get married twice to sway from the common standard. Explore other options. Choose Items that you Will Need and WantSince couples are most likely already settling down, they might as well as for presents that they actually need and want. The truth is everyone would want to give the marrying couple something that they can actually use. They would be more than willing to give you a present that you can utilize. The Gifts Should Reflect the Number of Guests AttendingThere is no limit in the number of items you can put in the registry, but it is most recommended that you follow the number of guests. Doing it this way ensures that every guest will be able to get a wedding present using the registry.Set up the Wedding Registry EarlyThere is no pressure on your end, but for the sake of the guests, you might as well set up your wedding registry earlier. By doing so, you will be able to give them ample time to decide on which item to get you on your wedding day. On top of that, they will also have enough time to go on gift shopping. Don’t Just Stick to One Price PointSome people couple are a bit cautious with putting expensive items on the registry. There is actually no need to do that because these days registries allows people to combine funds so that they can purchase more lavish items. But just make sure you also have cost-friendly items listed. It is Okay to Ask for CashNowadays, a lot of couples prefer to receive cash as wedding presents instead of items. Cash is actually used to help the couple start their lives as husband and wife. A lot of registries are actually already incorporating Cash Funds in their available gifts. Don't be shy to put it on the list, especially if cash will actually be more helpful than receiving items. The couple could say cash is contributions to help them pay for a down payment on a new house, or as added funds for their honeymoon getaway, to name a few.Both the Couple Should Do This TogetherIt is important that couples team up to set up the wedding registry. Couples are advised to do gift selections carefully. With that, it will be a lot easier to fill the wedding registry if both the groom and bride are working together as a team. ConclusionCreating a wedding registry is a fun and exciting task for both the bride and groom.  You need to remember that you don’t have to stick to traditional items like kitchenware, or appliances to fill their registry. Just keep things simple. If you want something badly, it deserves to be included in the registry. Have you decided on your wedding registry yet? Do share your thoughts with us on the comment section. Also, if you found this article helpful, help us encourage better wedding planning by liking and sharing this article with your friends. 
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