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Are you up to a 2018 wedding? Whether you are the bride or a wedding planner, this article is for you. Psychology has it that people make distinctive meanings to certain colors. Set your background in these colors to advocate the meaning that people usually refer these colors to. In this way, these Wedding palettes enhance the mood and theme of your event. We have compiled for you the best and trending wedding color palette of the season. These are insights from renowned wedding palette trendsetters from around the globe. To make things easier for you, we have categorized it based on the mood that you want the event to be in. Take your pick and set your event on fire this 2018.Classic1. Monochrome and GoldNothing beats a classic wedding palette look and theme. This elegant timeless look will surely relive the moments of those attending the event and can get them engaged and emotionally connected. This theme's relevance encompasses time and context. White, black and gold simply never goes out of style.Vintage2. Peaches and RedsIf you are a fan of antiques and wants the vintage set up, this is the right theme. You may find your wedding a good time to sport your all time collection of vintage treasure collection as well. Besides, this is your big day and it is only natural to have everyone and everything present on your day. This color sets the perfect contrast. In the process, it compliments the rather old feel.Nature3. Forest Green and Dusty RoseThe neutral mixture of these earth colors wedding color palette give that relaxing country feel. These cool colors set that wonderful tranquil home mood to your wedding. This is for people who love nature and prefer a venue at a very scenic nature setting, this might be the best theme for the special day. You can't go wring with this combination. It is also easy to set-up this theme as the sources are vast.4. Off-White and GreenConvey the pureness of eternal love in solemn matrimony. Complement this in a natural backdrop of foliage that accents the purity. This theme brightens the venue. It is the most versatile theme as it can be employed in various locations. You can never go wrong with something so true and natural.Gentle5. Lilac and Lavender Bring out the soft side of the event with this combination. Everyone has a soft spot. This wedding palette brings out that gentle, feminine side. It warms the heart. In addition, it creates that a blooming countenance to everyone around.Cool5. Light Blue HuesBeing in blue doesn’t mean sad at all times. Actually, it can set the vibe of the whole audience. There are a lot going on in weddings. This can stress just about anyone. The hosts may get overwhelmed with the preparations, and so are the guests doing their part in the wedding. What could be a better way to break this monotone. Give everyone a chance to chill.Electra6. Deep Red and Ash BlueElectrify the mood with this striking mix. This edgy combination elevates the festive mood of the occasion. It is best for those who opt for a formal and high-end effect. This wedding color palette is rather flexible. It can be employed in various locations and in just about any season.Extravagant7. Champagne Gold and Wine RedImmerse in a blissful wedding palette inspired from the tempting champagne and wine. These irresistible mix of colors and liquors are a perfect match to this event. This sets the merry-making tone.Elegant Sophistication8. Mauve and Dark BlueIndulge in the contrast of feminine and masculine contrasts that represents pure sophistication and elegance.  An earth wedding color palette elegance that is cool to the eyes. Its exquisite aura can transform even the simplest yard wedding to a majestic event area.Edgy 9. Ultra violet and PurpleExpress your edgy individuality and statement in this wedding color palette pastels. Create a different experience for your guest through this theme. It's a bold and daring option. Pull it through with the right attitude.There is an ever-changing trend on wedding color palette themes. Different shades and mixes become a hype every season. There are a lot of options to choose from. The possibilities are limitless. Though that is a good thing but that as well can work in your favor. You may become confused which one best suits you. I hope this article helped you a lot. Nevertheless, pick the theme that best embodies who you are. Every element that you use on your special day speaks something about that wonderful emotional attachment that is shared by everyone on that momentous occasion.Have you picked your wedding's official theme, design and color? Let us know your planning experience by commenting down below or sharing this article to help others. too! We wish you the best in your preparations. Enjoy every step! 
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Ladies! here’s a tip in choosing their perfect wedding themes: make a list of questions that may help incorporate your preferences to your various wedding ideas. The details, designs, and styles should be as a sounding “Yes!” the same as you agreed to marry your partner for life.A lot of couples have so many ideas on what to do with their wedding that they forget they already have the *perfect* idea in them. So, If you’re still in the search for some *inspiration goals* then always make sure to squeeze some creative juices when thinking of a theme or even a color scheme. Ask your partner some questions so you can also determine their taste. After all, you guys deserve a splendor fancy wedding!You Should Ask Each OtherYour wedding day is about the two of you, so you guys have to help each other choose the perfect idea within all the fancy ideas you might think of, but while doing that, you can also come up with something that you two would love the most. *yay!* and it is about closing the seal as well as blending favorites.Comfort clothes (aside from PJs, you guys!). If there is some style or fashion that you two  could live by and wear literally every single day, this idea may help in establishing some wedding motif ideas. Are the pairs more into vintage or modern designs? Do you admire and still wear a 50’s, 80’s outfit or do you two prefer the latest trends in clothing? Are you two more into neutral colors like pastel and crèmes? Or do you guys tend to be on the side of bright and vibrant colors? This technique will help you and your partner see your style colors. You know when you go for shopping, and you basically like everything in the shop but after the purchase,but still not sure if you’re going to  buy the right thing? Ladies, This shares the same idea as that. You two need to ask each other to pick what stands out the most.Club Punta FuegoThe Wedding PlaylistWe all have that one song that connects deeply with us, right? Music gets even better if you share it; it gets more special if it holds memories of someone. More often, couples that are getting married have their own theme song or at least a favorite song. This idea may help in coming up with some perfect wedding themes. You two can go with your motif depending on the genre that you guys both love. It can also turn into a music-themed wedding filled with sprinkles of vinyl record designs here and there - your call!If you guys know how to play instruments, you can add that as your performance as newlyweds as well! Also, it is a good trinket to include in the giveaways—especially if the guests know how much the couples are bound with music. The songs or playlist will also make everything stunning most especially the ambiance of the wedding theme. It is all about the collision of things to create a masterpiece instead of disarray. Remember, motifs are there to make everything look good together—like the two of you getting married! Ah, imagine walking down the aisle with the love of your life waiting for you while your favorite song plays. Are you feeling giddy already?Take Pride in Your HomeAnother inspiration you may get for perfect wedding themes is the home décor. The sense of taste and style will reflect on the items you guys purchased (or about to) for your (future) house. Are their plates bone china or ceramics? Do they have it plain or with floral accents? May it also has the ambiance of Victorian-era or the Mediterranean?It may be with a rustic touch and with vintage appreciation or modern classic in contemporary settings. There are so many inspirations and looks to choose from that couples may start realizing their tastes even better than before. Selecting motifs will also bring back a sense of self to these individuals as well as learning how to complement each other’s interests.Culture also plays a prominent role in styling the wedding day. If the two of you want to convey their Asian sophistication with chopsticks or Chinese lanterns to their theme, that should be fine, too. How about the traditional barong and saya in the Philippines? As long as this theme will reveal more about themselves and the things they are proud of.Joseph Ortega PhotographyDrink PreferencesYour drink preferences may add a little bit of texture and will surely sharpen perfect wedding themes. How it works, you ask. The beverage of choice can serve as a welcome drink for the guests or better yet, you guys may opt for cappuccino palette for their wedding day! There are many ways to do it. You guys just need to decide which drink screams your personality best. How about little teacups as favors or bottles of champagne?If you two have different drink preferences, that should not be a problem. Even a cup of coffee is good after some shots of your favorite tipple. The thing with motif is trying to find ways to make things work together without losing the identity of the other—just like marriage!Unleash the QuirksWe all have our quirks and uniqueness that make us stand out and distinct from one another. These traits and characteristics may also be applied to different perfect wedding themes. Even your fondness for puzzles may be a good idea. How about those photo booths that can be printed on puzzle pieces? Wedding games about puzzles? How about a garden wedding with maze runway to the reception? There are too many ideas that lead to many more. It is just about the execution. See, these questions may not seem significant, but you guys will undoubtedly see a bigger picture when you asked each other about these details.EP StudiosThe theme you’ll choose will always be as grand as the Great Gatsby concept (though Gatsby’s lavish mansion is the dream), r as magical and playful as Harry Potter and it may be your guests’ only chance to have that Hogwarts letter! It may also be your opportunity to have those handcrafted wands.It can be just color coordination here and there, but the questions above may help nip more creativity. Try to subsume your style into one of the best days of your lives. Wouldn’t it be fancy to have actual wedding bells chiming as you kiss your partner? It would be nice to recall the memory and see it vividly in details. Whatever your definition of perfect wedding themes is, you know you got it in you to make it flamboyant.
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A wedding is truly the most unforgettable and the most well-planned day in your entire life. People want to give and do everything just to make it extra special not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone who will be attending. After successfully deciding on an ideal engagement ring, couples start to anticipate the kind of wedding they should put up. Most couples love the thought of having a destination wedding as the best choice. Indeed, it is, but will, of course require a lot of decisions to make such as deciding among different kinds of wedding venues, as well as long months of preparation.The most intriguing question of all time has always been about the best month or date to have a destination wedding. Since destination weddings are something special and require more things to be considered, let this article just focus on one but important thing: the date of the big day. To help you catch the best decision, here are some of the wedding dates and seasons that you should avoid so that everything would turn out perfectly fine. Talking about the most important things to think of when picking a wedding date, the personal significance takes the great space. It can be an anniversary, a special birthday, a holiday like Valentine’s, or maybe just one of your favorite lucky dates. If those are important to you and you wish them to be more important with a lot of things to celebrate, then you can go for it as a wedding date.Venue: Villa Milagros Mansion & GardensAside from having a lot to remember of this day, it could also save you dollars from spending on separate celebrations. But remember, here are a few of the things you must avoid to make sure that everything will definitely go well. Destination Wedding in a Hurricane SeasonIf you wish to get married in Caribbean or in Florida, then you should never forget that the months of May through November are in the hurricane season. With this, do not take the risk of planning a wedding date in the Caribbean during these months. And even if there won’t be any big storm, remember that it is a rainy season, so showers can be possible on your big day.And if the thought of a possible hurricane or a heavy rain on your wedding day disturbs you, then it would be better for you to find another time of the year. But if you really believe that rain on a wedding day is a good luck and everything is definitely worth the risk, then there would be no problem!Destination Wedding on Spring BreakPretty sure on one guess that you loved spring when you were younger. It was an awesome time to spend a week with your college buddies or treasured friends way back years ago. But now that you are an adult, already engaged and are traveling with your grandparents, parents, family, relatives, and friends for one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life, wedding dates on a spring break is actually a season that is not ideal.Thus, avoid them at all costs. First off, travel expenses during this time increases at a maximum. Chances are, you might run out of budget and never have the best and ideal wedding you have planned. Next, resort vacancies on spring break are typically far and few between and there will certainly be a lot of people there. February to April are months of Spring Break, but you can check out when all schools will take their spring break on some sites such as Additionally, spring break dates for your destination can be looked up on Google.HolidaysThis is actually something that everyone has already got an idea of, but Holidays make all the hotels and flights fully-booked and everything becomes costly at this time. Not only that, do not forget that Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day could affect you because these are days of high-cost flowers and/or catering because of high demand.Additionally, the entire Holy Week is also not a good choice for putting your wedding date in. This is taken as a really big deal in Latin American countries so good vendors might not be available for you as they will most possibly be shutting down virtually.Venue: Escala TagaytayThese are actually just a few of the many things you should consider when setting a destination wedding date. Although a destination wedding is indeed ideal and very much interesting, it also takes a lot to have it planned and done successfully. But as long as you are conscious and ready for it, then finding a perfect date will always be possible!Where do you plan to have your wedding? Share us your thoughts by commenting down below or tag your partner and squad to help you decide! Feel free to browse on our venues for more. 
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Manila Philippines

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a densely populated bayside city on the island of Luzon, which mixes Spanish colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. Intramuros, a walled city in colonial times, is the heart of Old Manila. It’s home to the baroque 16th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago, a storied citadel and former military prison. Also, known as one of the most popular metro manila wedding destinations for its classic architecture and ambiance.



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