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Tagaytay Weddings: What to Expect When Planning a Wedding in Tagaytay The Wedding Project (Philippines) by Jac Rumusud-OebandaGetting married is supposed to be the most magical time of your life. But, before we go to that very special event, there are certain things that you need to tick off your wedding day checklist and get it over with. We want your Big Day to be an organizational dream!To begin with, if you are the one who had dreamed-off his or her wedding on cool weather and have a fascinating view that is perfect for your event—well, Tagaytay is the ideal place for you. It offers diverse options that can turn every single moment of your wedding day into mystical time.KRAFTY DAYS EVENT STYLINGHowever, just like any other venues, you need to know what you are getting when spending your Big Day in Tagaytay. Here are the things you need to prepare yourself for—and your guests, of course—that you need to cross out on your wedding day checklist.The VenuePicking a wedding venue plays a significant role for every couple as it sets the tone for your wedding day. If you are seeking an accessible spot, an attractive garden venue or a sophisticated and large hall, Tagaytay is the perfect destination. According to CNN, if Hamptons are to New York, Tagaytay is to Manila; it is one of the coolest places in the Philippines. Also, you need to consider the wedding attire for the event.Now, that we have established the temperature in Tagaytay, you must understand that you need to prepare for the weather if you have an outdoor wedding day. One thing to cross out from your wedding day checklist is your prepared equipment for the weather. Are you ready for when the sun shines too hot than usual or when it rains? Always think of your guests as well.Also, most of us have probably visited Tagaytay before so guests will have an easier time in navigating the city. The convenience of your guests is another thing you can tick off from your wedding day checklist.The BudgetPrior to your wedding venue, the budget is one of the essential parts and will take a lengthy discussion. Tagaytay is approximately 70.4 km away from Metro Manila, and it takes about two to three hours to get there. Its proximity in Manila makes it very accessible for an ocular visit before the wedding. And for some reason, Tagaytay is also a blessing in disguise because other wedding destination will require you to fly or travel across the sea just to experience a breathtaking ambiance.However, some couples are think twice to have their wedding in Tagaytay because they think it is only for the elites. The real thing is; it is cost-effective.Aside from its proximity to Manila, there are also plenty of venues and event coordinators that offer various wedding packages for every soon-to-be husband and wife. And due to increase in numbers of couples that want to say their “I do!” in this City, the number of suppliers based here has been increasing as well. From the catering services, event coordinators and even your photographers can be hired in the area.It adds to the convenience of having a wedding in Tagaytay for it saves a lot of budget in transportation and room accommodation for all the staff who will work for you. Another matter that is included in your wedding day checklist is extra cash. If you have managed well everything with the teams, you do not have to pay extra charges.The Magic of TagaytayBefore you can fully experience the wonders of Tagaytay, you have to ensure to include a wedding-day supervisor on your wedding day checklist. With the professional help, you may enjoy the event without overthinking if everything is in place or if the guests are being fed and liking the things that you prepared for so long.If you are having your wedding day in Tagaytay, but live some place else, include in your wedding day checklist your plans of how to get the dress to the venue. Are your bridesmaids going to dress up at home or are you planning to book a place for them?And of course, you can’t marry without the legal requirements and documents. Put on your wedding day checklist if you have someone who is designated to keep these papers and where they will be stored.Another reminder on your wedding day checklist is to feed yourself and everyone involved. Before you go for your hair and makeup, make sure you eat and make sure that everyone else does. It is going to be a tiring day, you all need that protein.Chain di EventiTagaytay really gives off a pleasant atmosphere for weddings—the chilly winds and the scenery are exceptional. Whichever venue you choose or in what season you decide to marry, always remember to set up a wedding day checklist to keep everything organized and spot on.
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Tagaytay Weddings: Top 10 Locations for Your Honeymoon We know how much you struggled with your wedding planning. Even your Big Day can be taxing with all the productions from your hair and makeup to having cold feet yet feeling ecstatic during your walk down the aisle and bawling your eyes out during the exchange of vows up to attending to your guests at the reception. It seems like a year (or even longer months of wedding planning) of tedious work. “I do,” only consists of two words but the amount of frustration, dilemma, sweat, and tears you spent before you got to say it was immeasurable. Well, those two words are timeless, anyway. It is all worth it, isn’t it? “I do,” is probably the sweetest “I love you.”Now that the wedding venture is over and we know how dealing with people can be so draining. It is time for you to get back that energy within your system! You know what that means, right? HONEYMOON!Since the Philippines is quite a hot and humid country (no, actually, scratch that. It is scorching hot in here!), why not have a Tagaytay honeymoon? Tagaytay is situated at a high altitude giving its atmosphere a cooler temperature than in the metro. It is also practical and easy to drive to; a nice getaway from the city. It is a good alternative to Baguio if you are yearning for the cold climate.Let us see which Tagaytay honeymoon places you may find your heart beating for from this list we curated just for you.Villa IbarraVilla IbarraVilla Ibarra has stunning spiral staircase giving off a vibe of vintage and old Disney fairytales. It is situated in the ridge of Taal Lake and to complement the sounding view around it; it has a solitary piano and a chandelier that hangs in grandeur. Its rooms and suites have a rustic design that gives warmth to your Tagaytay Honeymoon.Summit Ridge HotelSummit Ridge Hotel is one of the top Tagaytay honeymoon places that gives you a grand view of the Taal Volcano. The hotel has impressive facilities like dining, shopping, and recreational facilities. There is also a badminton and basketball courts indoors aside from a gym, and a swimming pool.  There is also a Truffles and Bar Café that serves both local and international cuisine.Taal Vista HotelFrom Taal Vista Hotel, you can also savor the majestic Taal volcano in its full glory. Whether it is at dawn or twilight, you will see how the world changes hues—illuminating the volcano even more. Isn’t it nice to stay in a cozy place while you enjoy the natural scenery of Mother Earth?Tagaytay HighlandsIf you desire a contemporary luxurious destination, Tagaytay Highlands is the place for you. Couples can even play and enjoy golf within its premises because it has Asia’s most invigorating golf course. It has world-class fine dining and facilities. Tagaytay Highlands also has splendid residential complex perfect your Tagaytay honeymoon.Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites is situated adjacent to the Taal Volcano giving you a more unobstructed view of the landscape. Of course, do not forget to enjoy the vision of the Taal Lake. Imagine waking up in the early morning with birds chirping nearby and the air filled with the aroma of coffee that you can share a cup with your partner.Escala TagaytayEscala TagaytayEscape the city and enjoy the sanctuary of Escala Tagaytay. It has modern architecture amidst the scheme of nature.The Q Hotel and Events PlaceThis hotel has a Mediterranean concept and offers solemn accommodations. It also has a mini library with 500 books that you can enjoy during your stay! Hello, book lovers!Balai TaalEnjoy the sight of a forest valley and sloping hills from your Tagaytay honeymoon in Balai Taal. The place stands for “your very own private piece of paradise.”Hotel KimberlyHotel Kimberly offers a unique activity that couples may enjoy together like harvesting their own vegetables from the vegetable and herb farm. There is also an animal farm where couples may feed and pet the lovely creatures.The Lincoln PlaceThe place for classic log cabins with a view of scenic terraces around it. The premise has a fireplace on its own giving a homey vibe. It also has a clubhouse for the pool and garden area.Whichever Tagaytay honeymoon place catches your heart, it will never be caught as hard as you captured each other’s lives. Sappy much? Hey, you must admit that made you smile and feel so kilig. Your honeymoon is just another starting point to your marriage. Take this time to reflect your vows and remind each other that this journey is never going to be easy. We hope you find time to step back and see the root of miscommunication when things go wrong, and that you find the will in you to compromise whenever these necessary. May this Tagaytay honeymoon give you a broader perspective about each other.
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Tagaytay Weddings: When is the perfect month to get married in Tagaytay? There are basically 12 months in a year and a lot of ideas start to crowd in your mind. "Maybe I want to do it on our anniversary as a couple?" "In a month with a long weekend?" or "that month where (insert sentimental thoughts here)" but choosing the when to get married in the right month is more than that. There‘s so much more to consider before determining which wedding month is the most preferable. When we talk about months, we acknowledge as well their corresponding weather conditions. Choosing Tagaytay as a venue for the wedding is a great choice, aesthetic wise. But as the natural world dictates it, a perfect place might not be that perfect with wrong timing. That is if your venue overlooks the Taal Lake, held during a very cold month the background will most likely be so foggy, obscuring the supposed to be a majestic view of the Taal. Indeed, there are a lot of Pros and Cons chosen wedding month because it will greatly affect other wedding aspects such as your budget, guests, and venue.If you're planning for that dreamy Tagaytay wedding, here are a rundown of each to a range of months in the Philippines, their pros and downsides, and what weather to expect from them. January to FebruaryPhoto  by Hotel Kimberly Inc Starting with the pros, as January is the first month of the year it represents new starts. So if you want to know when to get married, opt for January and highlight your wedding as a new milestone and a fresh start as a newly-wed couple. February, on the other hand, is regarded as the month of love. Because basically, it’s when Valentine’s Day is celebrated. So asking when to get married, consider February, it's the most romantic month of the year.These months of January through February offers the coldest weather which will give a cozy feeling and relaxed ambiance for you and your guests because of less humidity. It’s when we have the coldest weather.The downside for choosing these months is that most likely, slots are packed during these months which make it difficult to reserve. Because this is a peak season, not just for weddings and different events like Valentine’s Day and New Year celebration. It is recommended that you book ahead of time as early as 1 year before the wedding and this also means you should expensive wedding rates. Being in demand in the mid- February, flowers' rates will peak as well, tripling the usual prices. For those couples in a budget, the wedding planners might advise flowers that are highly influenced by price-increase during these months, cue: the beloved rosesThese months are then ideal for weddings with an open-area venue like a garden wedding since it’s doubtful that rain will visit during these months. March to May If you're planning when to get married, and you've decided under the bright summer sun, then these months are just right for you. It’s the season where lesser rainfall or no rain at all is a guarantee. These months are also not as challenging when booking for a wedding.Photo by Escala TagaytaySummertime could be fun for gatherings, but the cons for these months is that the temperature can be so high and scorching hot can make you and your guests uncomfortable. When opting for this month, you should be wise in choosing the theme of the wedding, formal dresses and suits will totally be a bummer, as well as heavy makeup.This is an ideal month to get married, in indoor and outdoor venues. If you have decided to go for an outdoor wedding, we encourage you to hold it in the late afternoon to avoid the scorching sun. It will make you enjoy the good weather of summer. June to August This is the easiest months to book your wedding in this lean season and thus cheap rates. So if you decided when to get married when there are no high competitions for wedding slots, these months are the best for you. Good deals and discounted prices are offered during this season.Like how every rose has its thorns these months, that could possibly save the couples on a budget who plans for an outdoor venue, is the country’s rainy season. Expect heavy rains, typhoons, and floods.Photo by Los Arboles TagaytayThis made this the rainy season is ideal for indoor weddings because it’s less bother. But to those who find downpour as a blessing from above, and those who find it fun to get soaked up on their special day then getting married in any of these are the months to get marriedSeptember to November The Christmas-y feeling has come! It’s the “ber” months! And is about to give wonderful spirit to weddings. “Ber” month promos for wedding packages are also given these months. This is an ideal month to get married for the couples who want to save some cash. These months offer a balanced temperature, not as warm as the summer months and not as cold as January.Since the “Ber” months are the start of non-stop events, banquets, and revelries. Bookings and reservations start to get tough.Photo by Hotel Kimberly Inc.The season is most ideal for indoor weddings. It is also ideal if you want to be a “Ber” bride, but want to skip the hassle of December (Which happens to be a popular wedding month). December What month to get married? December would be mostly the answer. It has been the most popular wedding month. It replaces the peak season of the traditional wedding month of June. Au revoir the “June bride”, bonjour! “December Bride”. December is the month of family reunions and gatherings, and it has the longest period of holiday breaks which makes wedding very timely during this month. So there is a big possibility for your loved ones who are working abroad or residing in the province to be present at your wedding.Photo by Escala TagaytayThe merriment of Christmas season and the cold weather of December have an unusual vibe among any other months— it’s the month of happiness, love, and optimism. If you are looking for a one-of-kind season, then December is the best month to get married. This month also means heavy traffic jams. So planning for alternative routes during your wedding is a must. Since this month is a peak season, do not expect low rates.December is a month to get married that is ideal for outdoor weddings because of cool and the mostly good weather. It is also ideal for a reunion that is celebrated and shared mainly with their families.Well basically, the celebration of love does not fall in a specific month but every day of each month. What month to get married? It only depends on you and your partner. Any month could be the best month to hold your wedding. We have already given you a summation of what to expect in each month, now it's up to you to decide and make it the most special.Soon to weds, when are you planning to get married and why? Let us know your thoughts! Comment down below, tag your partner or share this article to your bridetribe and groomsquad! 
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Tagaytay Philippines

Tagaytay is a popular holiday town south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon. Known for its mild climate, it sits on a ridge above Taal Volcano Island, an active volcano surrounded by Taal Lake. It is also known for the beautiful over-looking view and lush greenery for weddings. Deemed as one of the most popular wedding destinations close to the metro.



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