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The breathtaking view, lush, verdant gardens, good food and the majestic scenic view of the Taal Lake —the crater lake of the active, yet tranquil Taal volcano of the Philippines are all Tagaytay sceneries. Yes, Tagaytay City is one of the most sought for places here in the Philippines when it comes to wedding venues. Tagaytay's scenery is an ideal place for couples who want to exchange vows in a relaxing and peaceful setting. Thus, in this fact, many local wedding industries have developed this fascinating location for such occasions, so that you wouldn't need to hire suppliers from somewhere else because the right people are already in the place to arrange your dream wedding. Indeed planning the happiest day in your life is what each couple dreams about. And choosing the perfect theme for the venue is no easy job, we would want the theme and the venue to harmonize. Choosing Tagaytay's scenery for the wedding venue is perfect for the following themes that we would be suggesting. So stay calm couples, Tagaytay's scenery could offer the wedding theme that you might just adore. Let's decide on the wedding themes that will suit you the most and be in line with the detailed wedding checklist. These are the 10 wedding themes that are just so perfect for Tagaytay scenery that would just make your big day full of joyful colors and love.1. A Wedding with a ViewHotels, restaurants and private gardens in Tagaytay have opened their doors to meet the couple's necessities. These venues as well offer wedding ceremony packages. Food, banquet set-up, and the entertainment programs are not to be worried about. A suggested place to have the wedding ceremony with the majestic view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano is from the beat specialty lodging of Villa Ibarra which offers a comprehensive 200-pax Villa International Gala Wedding Package. The package highlights a sword parade during the entrance, a tempura (a Japanese food consisting of seafood and vegetable that is battered and deep-fried) and crepe station for snacks. The Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano can be seen from the spacious garden and from your honeymoon suite.2. Classic Formal WeddingThis theme is perfect for couples who want to choose to spend their wedding in a traditional way. A classic formal theme entails indoor pavilions and Tagaytay City has sophisticated venues, perfect for this theme. The black and white sartorial will never be wrong with classic red roses decorated around the venue. A small orchestra could be rented for that serenade of this glamorous event, though a bigger budget will be needed to achieve this theme.3. Stylish Casual WeddingA stylish casual wedding is perfect for the practical couple who wanted to go the unconventional way of the wedding.  Tagaytay scenery offers such untraditional venues, like a backyard garden with a great view of where you can have the stylish casual wedding theme you want. The bride could wear a beautiful white sundress while khaki jeans and a sports coat works perfectly for the groom. Dress in a manner where comfort and casual is felt more than traditional. 4. Elegant Victorian WeddingCouples that are just so fond of the beauty of the Victorian era will totally love this theme in Tagaytay City's scenery. This old-style yet very elegant fashion is a clique with Tagaytay's European-inspired venues. I could imagine big gowns with ruffles, or bows and lace. The members of the entourage should have the same dress code as well to give that Victorian-era vibe of elegance. Consistency is the key to this wedding theme. You may want to watch movies with such theme to help you get the jest of it. This theme requires more detail but fret not Tagaytay's scenery and weather will get you refreshed and this kind of style of a wedding will not be a hassle5. Chic Nature WeddingThe green surroundings of Tagaytay are a perfect venue for that eco-friendly wedding. Being "nature" the trend of this year and the combination of different indigenous materials together will achieve that very chic and organic kind of wedding style. Be natural when you choose the details. Pick wildflowers, choose forest looking venues and even the cool highlands of Tagaytay would be able to create that vibe.6. Rustic Country WeddingIf you're considering that old-western kind of theme, A barn, and a cowboy-style wedding set-up will be perfect. Tagaytay scenery, the verdant highlands and gentle slopes of the place will be a perfect venue for such wedding theme. Fill the place with sunflowers, daisies and other yellow flowers that are perfect for a rustic country wedding. Beers, burgers, and steaks for the menu are ideal for this theme. Now, dance with the guest to country music and this celebration is a revelry to remember.7. Garden WeddingsYou might not have that view of the Taal Lake but a garden wedding in Tagaytay offers the same cool and refreshing climate. The intimate and lush scenery is what Tagaytay is famous for. Also, some of these wedding venues offer free use of their gardens for prenuptial photoshoots as you avail the wedding package. Yes, it's not a typo, for free. The Hillcreek Gardens at Tagaytay offers basic and premium love food packages. Another venue amenity such as the use of the gazebo is included. The indoor Anahaw House and Garden at Tagaytay is a scenery for a more intimate garden wedding. 8. Summer Vintage WeddingPlanning a summer vintage wedding, Tagaytay could also be a good choice. Just plan it on April and May, which are the summer months in the Philippines. You will experience that warm and refreshing weather in your wedding and Tagaytay garden scenery venues will be ideal for this theme. Warm and cozy colors, a great range of decoration, floral elements, and ornaments are used to decorate the place. Candles are a beautiful addition to artificial lights during the dark. Pearls are a great ornament as well for this theme and you'll see it will make a great difference, sure making the event unforgettable.9. Fall Vintage-Inspired WeddingAutumn is the most colorful and a rich season, though here in the Philippines we only have dry and wet seasons we could mimic this special and vibrant season in an autumn-inspired wedding theme. All we have to master is the choosing the perfect colors for autumn, and voila! You'll get that autumn feels with the perfect scenery in Tagaytay.One of the most admirable colors for this theme is rich copper. An unusual imitation of gold and copper offers that dream fantasy vibe. You could also put colors of aqua with the copper colors and rust. 10. Boho ChicIf you want that enchanted wedding love story, try a bohemian wedding. This wedding theme is definitely the first choice of creative, open-minded couples.  Tagaytay's scenery offers such venues to have that free spirited, natural beauty and harmony that this wedding theme embodies. A boho chic wedding makes it easy to combine different ideas. Improvise colors and decorations. This wedding theme goes so well with flowy fabrics, natural and pastel colors. To have that rustic color cast, choose shadows of indigo that is lilac, lavender, red-violet or pearl purple and warm tints of mustard, orange, with aqua, mint, and emerald. You can also decorate with dream catchers, lights, and wildflowers.
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After searching for a magnificent church or beach for your wedding, next on the list is the wedding reception! Imagine after tying the knot, you and your partner will celebrate it at your most preferred place filled with love and joy. Isn’t it lovely? Well, probably most of the newlywed couples wanted a place that is simple yet elegant.  Some may just want a comfortable and cozy one for the guests and relatives.The city of smiles, Tagaytay City, is now known as the most popular wedding destination of the country because of its attractive views and cool climate. It is now famous for its numerous hotel and restaurants and various spas. Choosing your wedding reception in Tagaytay might be the best option you have. It is the brilliant place for out-of-town weddings because it is not that far from the Metro.Planning to be a Tagaytay bride? We got you! Here are the perfect lists of Tagaytay reception that you should not miss!Villa IbarraHacienda IsabellaHacienda Isabella serves as home to many celebrity weddings. With the captivating and picturesque place, it is undoubtedly the excellent spot for a Tagaytay reception. It is an entirely outstanding destination to start a new chapter of your life as a married couple.Crosswinds TagaytayCrosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss luxury resort inspired by the architecture of Switzerland. With rows of beautiful chalets sit tranquil at one of the highest points, it is surely one of the best the best spots as a wedding reception in Tagaytay, especially for nature-loving newlywed couples. Over 2000 pine trees fragrance the property with its sweet perfume. Furthermore, the calmness of the wind that soothes the senses will make you feel relaxed.Angelfields Nature SanctuaryAngelfields Nature Sanctuary is also the top wedding reception in Tagaytay that is best for nature lovers. With its 10 hectares property divided into 3 zones, you can relax, celebrate and rejuvenate and walk with nature. It also has unique offers for the wedding reception with its exceptional amenities.Angelfields Nature SanctuaryTaal Vista HotelDo you want a Tagaytay reception that feels exactly like home? Taal Vista Hotel is the best for you! It brings you fully modern amenities that are best for gatherings. The atmosphere has a feeling of coziness and gives you the opportunity to make timeless memories.Taal Vista HotelNarra HillThe gorgeously designed pavilion is set in luxurious gardens and has an astonishing view of Mount Taal. With its natural materials and beautifully carved facilities and amenities, Narra Hill is the best location for your special day.Bali Village HotelBali Village Hotel is a resort and spa that has a high definition of paradise. It is a sanctuary away from everything. It is one of the most yearned for places for a wedding reception in Tagaytay because of its soothing and relaxing facilities and amenities.The Q Hotel and RestaurantThe Q hotel has a warm ambiance that creates a vibrant mood for grand occasions. It provides an excellent experience that presents Mediterranean landscape and theme. It is like an oasis in the utopia that offers a remarkable venue for weddings and wedding receptions.The Lake Hotel TagaytayThe Lake Hotel Tagaytay was founded in 2009 and has already earned distinction as one of the hotels in Tagaytay that provides the perfect view of the world-famous Lake Taal and Volcano. Its location is in the center of the city that has a 3-story Mediterranean inspired hotel. It provides its guests ease of access to famous tourists’ spots and beautiful local restaurants with recreational facilities.Balay IndangLooking for a wedding reception in Tagaytay where you can find solace and tranquility? Balay Indang is the one for you! It has a vintage enchantment that is perfect for peaceful celebrations. It is also a place for comfort and relaxation. It gives you a chance to nurture the valuable façades of life and discover nature.Tagaytay Wedding CaféTagaytay Wedding Café or also known as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines is situated in Amadeo Cavite, a few minutes’ drive away from Tagaytay. With its sophisticated and nature-filled surrounding for a wedding reception, Tagaytay wedding Café might be the perfect place. Especially if the newlywed couples are coffee lovers, it should be added to their list. It also has a budget-friendly location without compromising the outstanding quality of amenities and facilities. If you want to have a romantic feel of Tagaytay with its cool climate and best taste of coffee, Tagaytay Wedding Café should be taken into account.Silver Lotus Events PlaceIt is undoubtedly a pleasant experience to marry your true love and celebrate it with a great atmosphere filled with love for your wedding. Tagaytay reception should be on the list that you should look into. There will be the best wedding reception in Tagaytay that suits you and your loved one’s preference.
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We know how much you struggled with your wedding planning. Even your Big Day can be taxing with all the productions from your hair and makeup to having cold feet yet feeling ecstatic during your walk down the aisle and bawling your eyes out during the exchange of vows up to attending to your guests at the reception. It seems like a year (or even longer months of wedding planning) of tedious work. “I do,” only consists of two words but the amount of frustration, dilemma, sweat, and tears you spent before you got to say it was immeasurable. Well, those two words are timeless, anyway. It is all worth it, isn’t it? “I do,” is probably the sweetest “I love you.”Now that the wedding venture is over and we know how dealing with people can be so draining. It is time for you to get back that energy within your system! You know what that means, right? HONEYMOON!Since the Philippines is quite a hot and humid country (no, actually, scratch that. It is scorching hot in here!), why not have a Tagaytay honeymoon? Tagaytay is situated at a high altitude giving its atmosphere a cooler temperature than in the metro. It is also practical and easy to drive to; a nice getaway from the city. It is a good alternative to Baguio if you are yearning for the cold climate.Let us see which Tagaytay honeymoon places you may find your heart beating for from this list we curated just for you.Villa IbarraVilla IbarraVilla Ibarra has stunning spiral staircase giving off a vibe of vintage and old Disney fairytales. It is situated in the ridge of Taal Lake and to complement the sounding view around it; it has a solitary piano and a chandelier that hangs in grandeur. Its rooms and suites have a rustic design that gives warmth to your Tagaytay Honeymoon.Summit Ridge HotelSummit Ridge Hotel is one of the top Tagaytay honeymoon places that gives you a grand view of the Taal Volcano. The hotel has impressive facilities like dining, shopping, and recreational facilities. There is also a badminton and basketball courts indoors aside from a gym, and a swimming pool.  There is also a Truffles and Bar Café that serves both local and international cuisine.Taal Vista HotelFrom Taal Vista Hotel, you can also savor the majestic Taal volcano in its full glory. Whether it is at dawn or twilight, you will see how the world changes hues—illuminating the volcano even more. Isn’t it nice to stay in a cozy place while you enjoy the natural scenery of Mother Earth?Tagaytay HighlandsIf you desire a contemporary luxurious destination, Tagaytay Highlands is the place for you. Couples can even play and enjoy golf within its premises because it has Asia’s most invigorating golf course. It has world-class fine dining and facilities. Tagaytay Highlands also has splendid residential complex perfect your Tagaytay honeymoon.Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites is situated adjacent to the Taal Volcano giving you a more unobstructed view of the landscape. Of course, do not forget to enjoy the vision of the Taal Lake. Imagine waking up in the early morning with birds chirping nearby and the air filled with the aroma of coffee that you can share a cup with your partner.Escala TagaytayEscala TagaytayEscape the city and enjoy the sanctuary of Escala Tagaytay. It has modern architecture amidst the scheme of nature.The Q Hotel and Events PlaceThis hotel has a Mediterranean concept and offers solemn accommodations. It also has a mini library with 500 books that you can enjoy during your stay! Hello, book lovers!Balai TaalEnjoy the sight of a forest valley and sloping hills from your Tagaytay honeymoon in Balai Taal. The place stands for “your very own private piece of paradise.”Hotel KimberlyHotel Kimberly offers a unique activity that couples may enjoy together like harvesting their own vegetables from the vegetable and herb farm. There is also an animal farm where couples may feed and pet the lovely creatures.The Lincoln PlaceThe place for classic log cabins with a view of scenic terraces around it. The premise has a fireplace on its own giving a homey vibe. It also has a clubhouse for the pool and garden area.Whichever Tagaytay honeymoon place catches your heart, it will never be caught as hard as you captured each other’s lives. Sappy much? Hey, you must admit that made you smile and feel so kilig. Your honeymoon is just another starting point to your marriage. Take this time to reflect your vows and remind each other that this journey is never going to be easy. We hope you find time to step back and see the root of miscommunication when things go wrong, and that you find the will in you to compromise whenever these necessary. May this Tagaytay honeymoon give you a broader perspective about each other.
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Tagaytay Philippines

Tagaytay is a popular holiday town south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon. Known for its mild climate, it sits on a ridge above Taal Volcano Island, an active volcano surrounded by Taal Lake. It is also known for the beautiful over-looking view and lush greenery for weddings. Deemed as one of the most popular wedding destinations close to the metro.



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