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Mel Cruz Hair and Make-up Artist

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Pasig, Metro Manila
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Make-Up is not just about putting on colors. For me, it’s all about illusion.

A good Make-Up Artist is someone who can identify which part of the face is asymmetrical, can correct it with the right highlight & contour to create a better looking, more proportioned face.

Someone who can conceal blemishes and dark areas to perfection.

An expert who can change the perceived distance between features, understands the shape and function of a muscle. Otherwise, placement of the makeup will be off.

The most important thing of all, is that he or she can make the products applied on the face last longer.

These techniques cannot be learned in any make-up school. I developed them from years of experience- and these are what sets me apart from other Makeup-Artists.


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Address: 38 Dona Juana Townhomes Topaz Street, Rosario Pasig City
Contact Number: +(63) 091-7513-271 / (63) 241-2786

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