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Quezon City, Metro Manila
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About Us

Matrix Creation Events Venue is an event place company located in Quezon City, Philippines. Experience the difference that is Matrix Creation Events Venue, a step closer to virtual reality without the hassles attached to any other events place of various celebration, true for being home for the arts, we aim and empower creativity by providing an extraordinary experience like no other.

Matrix Creation Events Venue continues to provide the most of special venue to celebrate the most important events of our client's live. Soon-to-Weds, Debutants, Birthday Celebrants, Company Parties and Seminars or just about anybody who would like to celebrate in any style, theme or ideas will find that Matrix Creation Events Venue may very well be the venue of choice.

Our culture's greatest communication medium becomes free to travel and enjoy beyond the screen. Audio visual installation and three-storey high projection have released the beloved art of cinema from the traditional viewing environment.: Bridges and tunnels, fine art galleries, museums, special events, parties, concerts - almost any location can now host large-scale cinematic entertainment..

We believe in the best clients. When we are approached, we know the client has come to us because they are ahead of the curve.

We take pride in relationships with those who can see the potential of this medium, and the passion we bring to it.

With the world awash in a tsunami of visual noise, we strive to inspire, entertain, and educate as we continue to develop an innovation story telling, spirit, and meaning.


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Address: 11 Malakas St Brgy Pinyahan
Contact Number: (02) 990 - 2168

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