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Tagaytay City, Cavite
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About Us

The Q Hotel provides a one of a kind experience. It presents a modern Mediterranean landscape and theme. It is an oasis in a paradise that offers an unforgettable venue for garden weddings and events complete with world class hotel accommodations. The Q Hotel is situated in the north-eastern part of Tagaytay City. It is easily accessible and close to all the places you want to be in while in Tagaytay. Curious people often ask the question, why is the hotel named “The Q?”

There are a few responses to the above queries, but answer lies within a humble man. A man whose idea is rooted in his lavished love and care for his family especially the women in the “Bautista-Esguerra’s Clan”. So to honor these significant women he dubbed them “Queens” of his life. At the center of the property lies the gorgeous Queens Villa which houses the five suites/rooms.

He named the first suite, “Queen Aurora.” Aurora is his dearest oldest sister, a woman representing allure, understanding and compassion. The second suite was named “Queen Susana” after his late mother. Susana typifies hard work, responsibility and the love of motherhood. The third room was named “Queen Mercelita” after his late sister, who portrays patience, endurance and kindness. The fourth suite was named “Queen Zheila.” Zheila is the oldest of his children and stands for a free-spirited, strong and progressive person. Lastly, the fifth matrimonial suite was named “Queen Heather.” Heather is the youngest of his children, a daughter who exemplifies vibrancy, generosity and graciousness.

You’ll notice that there are three gardens in the premises. The first one just behind The Q Hotel front signage is called “Queen Rufina Garden”. Rufina was named after his paternal grandmother. The second garden with the huge 12 x 50 foot waterfall is called “Queen Gertrudes Garden”. Gertrudes is his maternal grandmother. The third garden is named “Queen Annabel Garden”. Annabel is his sister Aurora’s only daughter. The focal point of these three (3) gardens is the eye-catching picture-perfect lagoon with natural hardwood bridge and trellis that will provide lasting memories of your stay at The Q.

The Queens Roadway is the main passage to the premises. As you enter, you will be greeted by a queenly decorated wrought iron gate. You will be passing under a number of arched trellises covered with fresh vines and assortment of different flowery plants.


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Address: Lagusan Road Corner Tolentino East Drive Tagaytay City, Philippines
Contact Number: Call 046-413-0891, 0999-728-6403, 0917-551-2981, (

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