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10 Creative Ways To Build An Impressive Portfolio

Mar 9, 2018

Our portfolio describes us using pictures and words, it will include our skills, experiences and previous works.  It sums up our creative or work background.  If you want to be hired by almost everyone, here are our tips on how you can make an impressive portfolio.

imageEye in D Sky Photography

1.    Choose your strongest works

Choose your best shot for example.  Feed your future clients with stunning works that will make them want to have that kind of service, too!  First impressions last so make your first impression eye-catching.

2.    Use high-quality images

Or better yet, use a DSLR!  Your work will look very professional if you use a real camera.  We are not saying that your iPhone doesn’t have a real camera but it will not have the same quality as the DSLR.

3.    Show them your most creative work

This is the right time to brag all the stunning works and projects that you have made!  Show them what you can do and how your imagination works.  People are always craving for unique pieces; they are going to love it if you have one.

4.    Limit your uploads

Don’t upload too many photos and very few words.  Your clients will still look for something they can read like what you can do, what you can offer, what are your missions and visions in life.  They want to know how long you are in the business, too!

imageErick Sulapas Photography

5.    Stay updated

Trends changes very quickly nowadays and if you have something in your profile that you work 6 years ago, that may not catch many customers because they will look for what is “in” right now.  They want to be in the trend.

6.    It doesn’t have to be all your paid works

You can include some personal works of yours, it doesn’t have to be all-client.  If you are a photographer and you love taking pictures or nature or the sky, we can’t see any reason why not to include it in your portfolio.

7.    Include details

If your portfolio is online and it is impossible for your clients to touch the texture of your invitation make sure to include their details and a close up picture that they can zoom in.  You are zooming in, too, especially in online shops so you know what to do!

8.    Include behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are so interesting to see!  We always look for our favorite TV Shows or movies BTS because we are curious about how they make it and your clients will be that curious, too!  You will definitely get their attention if you post a picture or two!

imageArmand Ansaldo Photography

9.    Choose the perfect format

Make the format simple with no animations or whatsoever to make it look very professional.  Choosing the perfect format comes with choosing the right colors, too!  Don’t pick a color that is so distracting and too bright.  Choose a color that is inviting to your viewer's eyes, a color that they can stand looking at for hours!

10.    Review and edit

If you are not the best proofreader in town then ask some of your friends to review your portfolio so you can edit some mistakes or delete some pictures if you are being too extra.  This step should not be skipped because it will save you from grammar issues!

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