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10 Filipino Wedding Traditions You Must Be Aware Of

Jan 16, 2018

No matter how modern our technology is, Filipinos still believe in superstitions and treasures the wedding tradition so much!  Especially if your great grandmother is still alive!  We have a lot of superstitions and tradition on every occasion, and even in our everyday lives!  Today we are going to give you a heads up so you won’t be shocked when your relatives ask you to do this and that.

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1. The grooms need to ask permission to the bride’s parents

The groom together with his mother and father and other close relatives will visit the soon to be bride’s house to ask for her hand in marriage.  They will bring foods as gifts that they will feast later on. 

2. The groom will pay for the wedding expenses

This is to show that he can provide for their needs when they get married.  The first sponsor will give the groom 13 gold coins that will serve as a promise that he can look after his wife.

3. Only one wedding per year

Filipinos believe that it is a sign of bad luck if you and your siblings will get married in the same year.  So one has to wait if it happens.  Kris Aquino has a movie about this, try to watch it if you want a full explanation.

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4. The wedding is celebrated three days straight

Yes—three days straight! It's a custom in some provinces. From the preparation, cooking the main menu, roasting lechon, and making the desserts to the wedding day itself and the celebration the next day after the wedding. It is kind of crazy but it sure is a happy one!

5. Be careful with the candle

Maybe you should have a wedding where there will be no breeze at all for safety!  Because our great-grandparents believe that the first candle the will blow out during the rites is the first one who is going to die.  So you better choose a safe location.

6. The several sponsors

Unlike the western wedding, we have two sponsors, the primary and the secondary. The primary sponsors are the best man, groomsmen, maid of honor, and the bridesmaids while the secondary sponsors are the ones who are going to bring the veil, place the cord, and light up the candles. There are also the "principal" sponsors or your godparents.

7. Do not try on your wedding dress

They say that it will bring bad luck if you try it one the day before your wedding or worse the wedding will not happen. 

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8. Do not give the couple a set of sharp objects

It is believed to bring bad luck, so spare those beautiful set of knives that you want to give them or scissors.  Anything sharp is considered bad luck.

9. The wedding dress is originally baro’t saya 

We may wear a modern wedding dress nowadays but our parents and grandparents would still not let us show a lot of skin because our wedding dress is originally a baro’t saya.

10. Rainy day wedding

If it rains on your wedding or even there’s a thunderstorm that hit your place, it is considered a sign of prosperity.  You now know why some couple still chooses to tie the know even if there’s a raging flood.

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