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10 Hidden Costs in Your Wedding That You Should Watch Out For

Mar 1, 2018


You may think that you have planned it all out but have you thought of the hidden expenses? If plane tickets have hidden expenses, so does your wedding, too! These possibly unexpected expenses are really necessary and they have to be on your wedding budget in the first place.

1. Parking fees

Before renting a place ask the one who is in charge if they have a parking fee.  So you can pay for it or you can tell your guests beforehand that it is not free parking. 

2. Overtime

Some resorts and private events place have overtime fees.  If they forgot to tell you when you asked for information you better ask them this.  Don’t forget to include this on the list of questions you have ready for them.

3. Wedding Vendor Meals

Of course, you are the one who is going to feed your vendor!  You can ask your caterer to include them in the meal (give them the exact headcount) so you will not have a problem on your big day.  And it is the general rule, too!

4. Set up and delivery charges

If the cake will be delivered expect them to have a setup and delivery charges.  Almost all vendors will ask you for a setup charge, deliveries are optional especially if they are just around the area.


5. Tips

Tips don’t have to be a huge amount of money, just give something that comes from your heart.  Especially if you love their service!  But remember to give them to the staff, not to the owner!

6. Postage

You need to know this if you are going to send invitations through the mail.  The price will depend on the weight and the address.  The heavier the invitation the expensive it will be, the same applies to the location.

7. Transportation Fee

If your bridesmaids don’t have a service to go to the wedding ceremony and reception, you are the one who is going to pay for it.  Same applies to the groom's groomsmen and your other family members.

8. Clean up crew

If you are not on a package this means you are going to pay for the people who are going to wipe clean all your trash at the wedding reception.  But if you are on a  package, you don’t have to worry about this one.


9. Makeup trial

You will not have plenty of time on your big day to have a trial and error on makeups. So if you want to know what color best suits you and what hairstyle will complement your wedding dress, you need to have a makeup trial.

10. Emergencies

Expect the unexpected as they say.  Have some cash ready if your shoes broke down, or you had a flat tire, your mother wants a lot of flowers, or the worst case is you need to rent a generator.  It is always a good idea to have some extra money in your pocket.

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