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10 Impressive ways on how you can incorporate pantone color of the year 2018 ultra violet in your wedding

Feb 13, 2018

Believing in luck has always been a part of our Filipino tradition and every year when they announce the lucky color, we hoard items, clothes, furniture, and a lot of lucky gems!  But if you are going to get wed this year, we know that somehow it came to your mind to incorporate this color.  So here are our favorite ultraviolet wedding ideas.

 1.    Ceremony backdrop

This can be a purple flowy curtain or an arch that is full of purple flowers with some touch of greens and whites to make balance it out.  The color purple is attractive to the eyes because it is not too bright, and not too soft.

 2.    Robes

Let us share some fun facts here: Did you know that purple robes were worn by royalty or with a high rank?  If you want to feel like one, feel free to use it while you are prepping!  Have it customized with an embroidered “Bride” at the back or "MRS." 


 3.    Flowers

This is the easiest part if you want to incorporate just a little bit of purple in your wedding, it can be orchids, verbena or dwarf iris.  Be it on your wedding bouquet or table centerpiece, petals down the aisle, you name it!


 4.    Bridesmaids gown

If you want everything to pop why not suggest to your bridesmaids to wear a purple dress?  It will look so adorable especially if it blends with your wedding bouquet!  Just imagine the picture right now.

 5.    Cake

A fondant cake with ombre ruffles?  Uhm, YES!  Or if you want to pick a naked cake you can top it with berries and more purple berries with a few flowers!  It is mouth-watering and will taste good for sure, too!


 6.    Invites

The combination of purple and black, purple and gold, or purple and white looks so elegant in the eyes!  You can use these colors in your invitation; it will feel like your guests will be attending a royal ball.

 7.    Groom’s necktie

If you are thinking how to put a touch of violet in your groom's outfit?  Why not shop a purple necktie that will compliment with your bouquet. Or if you are the type of groom that is fashion-forward, then why not have a deep purple suit.  He will look stunning and very handsome for sure!  


 8.    Flats/Heels

Set aside the idea of wearing full white on your big day.  You can be unique by using a purple footwear!  Be it flats or heels, as long as you are comfortable and happy with it!  We know you can rock that outfit!

 9.    Menu cards

If you have already decided to use purple in your invites then you can definitely use it on your menu cards, too!  It will be eye-catching, be it printed or watercolor one.

 10.    Escort cards and table numbers

If you just want to use the ultraviolet color in little details, you can consider these two.  It will be just a tiny paper/card but your guests will definitely notice the color

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