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10 Incredibly Fun Activities for a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Jan 2, 2018

Weddings always includes kids, number 1.) they are your nieces or nephews, 2.) They are your godchildren 4.) they can be your little brother or sister and number 4.) They can be your friends' kids.  So they will attend the wedding no matter what unless you call for an all adult wedding, but let’s face it, its cuter with kids!

1.       Kids Meal

Kids are very picky!  Mind you, they are!  And they always want what is pleasing to their eyes.  Like a rainbow-colored marshmallow or a chocolate flavored cupcake with colorful jimmies.  Ask the venue or your wedding caterer for a kids menu so they will enjoy their food and will not get cranky.

imagePhoto credit by Bryan Peralta Designs

2.       Give them some responsibilities

Keep them busy by giving them responsibilities like blowing bubbles or throwing petals when the groom and bride are about to exit the church.  It will make them feel that they are really part of the wedding and they will feel responsible for their actions.

3.       Have an early wedding

Kids cannot last until 11 in the evening; they should be in their respective beds by 8 pm. Having an early wedding means it will be before lunch or in the afternoon.  This will make room for their sleep and they can fully rest well.

4.       Kid-friendly favors

Buy them mini bears or dolls.  It can also be cute cutout cookies with cotton candy flavor.  We have been through that and receiving gifts is one of the most wonderful feelings as a kid!  Because everyone is giving you a present even if it’s not yet your birthday.

5.       Set up a table just for them

Instead of including them in their parents' table, which is not a bad idea but kids will be with other kids to play.  So to solve that problem set a table just for them.  They will feel like grown-up adults, too! 

6.       Have someone to entertain them

Maybe a magician? Or just a friend of yours who knows a lot of magic tricks that will occupy them when they get too noisy or when they keep running around the tables.


7.       Mcdonalds inspired placemats

If you are a keen observer Mcdonalds has a very entertaining placemat, you can color it, connect the dots, solve the puzzle, and answer the riddle and so much more.  They keep the kids busy while waiting for the food and we think that it is a genius idea for a wedding, too!

8.       Dessert bar for kids

This is pure heaven for them!  Seeing how a cotton candy is being made, a popping popcorn or a stack of brownies pops and colorful cake pops.  They will have eagle eyes!  They also deserve a treat after participating in the wedding and this is a good one!

9.       Milk and cookies toast

They will see you give a toast and what the adults are doing, they also want to experience it.  Because we are their role models.  So to keep them from asking you that they also want to drink what you are drinking, set a milk and cookies for them to drink when it is already time for the toast.

10.   Hire a babysitter

To make sure that they are having fun and they will not hurt themselves while playing, hire a babysitter.  In this way, you can also enjoy the wedding, more time to catch up with the bride and the groom and your other friends.  This will also give you some peace

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