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10 Mistakes the Brides Always Make That You Can Avoid

Dec 26, 2017

From personal experiences and wedding planner’s experiences, these are the common mistakes the brides always make before their big day.  So to prevent those mistakes from happening we have listed it down below to give you a heads up and to save you from saying “I should’ve done this and that”.

1.       Announcing your engagement on social media

We know that you are head over heels because you just got engaged but remember to tell your family and relatives first, also include your closest friends before announcing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Give them a call or Skype with them if they are in the different part of the world.  They will appreciate it!

2.       Putting your registry on invites

The best way to tell your guest what you want on your registry is to give a list to your parents and in-laws.  Because they will be receiving a lot of phone calls from guests asking what you want or need.


3.       Buying the dress ahead of time

We are not trying to say not buy it as early as possible, but buy a dress when you’ve already picked a ceremony and reception venue so it will blend with the place.  You can still be overdressed and underdressed at your wedding if you will not consider this.

4.       Late thank you's

Send thank you notes or gifts before your big day or on your big day.  But don’t send it late!  They might think that your hubby just told you to send thank you that’s why you did it.

5.       Losing the engagement ring

This is a total nightmare!  To avoid this from happening do not remove your wedding ring by all means.  Especially if you are in a public comfort room.  Your fiancé worked hard for that and you better take good care of it.


6.       Ring envy

You should learn how to appreciate if you envy something.  Think of how he saved his money to buy you that.  It is the gesture that matters, not the price, not the brand, not the stone.  If you really love your man you wouldn’t envy your friends ring.

7.       Forgetting to eat and drink water

If you want to have that natural glow in your wedding, take care of yourself in the planning process.  Don’t forget to eat foods at the right time and drink plenty of water.  This will keep you focused and ready before your big day.

8.       Opting to wear an updo

Brides always picture themselves in updos because that has been the traditional hairstyle for weddings.  But you can try different hairstyles!  Some gowns are best paired with down do so don’t be afraid.

9.       Not keeping an extra cash

Think about the last minute alterations and tips for deliveries or a toiletry that you forgot to buy.  While budgeting, don’t forget to have some extra cash ready.  This will save you from borrowing money from your bridesmaids.


10.   Forgetting to have fun

This is the most important thing!  Enjoy your wedding, give your groom a stolen kiss, dance with your bridesmaids, drink and enjoy your food.  But don’t get wasted!  Set aside all your worries because this day only happens once!

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