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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Cross Out Hotel Weddings on Your List

Dec 15, 2017

As years goes by wedding planners gets more creative, there’s destination weddings, barn weddings, loft, garden, beach, you name it!  Almost every possible place there can be a wedding ceremony that can be held.  And even in museums, too!  But before crossing out the hotel wedding on your list, we will give you reasons why you shouldn’t and that it is still the best choice after all!

1.       Accommodation right at your doorstep

After your long and tiring big day there is no need for you to drive hours until you get home because rooms are right in front of your reception.  You can rest without any worries and you can wake up to sunshine together with your husband.  Also, this is so convenient for guests, too!  Especially if they will be driving for hours and they need to get some rest first.

imagePhoto by Seda Hotel Nuvali

2.       High quality service

Hotels train their people the best way possible.  They are more approachable, accommodating and they will make sure that you get the best service from them.  Every cent you will spend with them will not go to waste.

3.       Exceptional foods

Their foods are cooked by not just any cooks but by chef so expect delicious and instagram-worthy foods!  We love taking pictures of hotel foods, aren’t we all?  We bet you already know how the foods will be served on your table and on your guests, too!

imagePhoto by Edsa Shangri-la

4.       Taste test without paying too much

If you haven’t tried anything on their menus yet, you can try ordering for you and your husband to be or for your parents if they will be shouldering the payment for the foods.  This will save you money because you won’t have to pay for taste testing!

5.       No need to worry about the weather

Be it a sunny day or a rainy day, you are having it inside the hotel so why worry about the weather?  You also shouldn’t be worried if your guests will feel hot because it is air-conditioned inside to make everyone feel comfortable.

imagePhoto by Novotel Manila

6.        They can accommodate a huge number of guests

Who says that hotels cannot handle 200 guests?  They sure can do!  What are hotels for if they cannot handle that huge amount of guests, anyway?  So don’t worry about the how many pax you are having.

imagePhoto by Novotel Manila

7.       They are only one book away

You just need to look for their phone numbers online, call and book them then you are done.  If you have any questions, they are just one call away. 

8.       They already have suppliers

Hotels are common used for birthdays, especially debuts, so expect them to have suppliers already.  And you might be surprised that they’ve got the best ones in the city!  You don’t have to look or google suppliers for this or that because they’ve got you already!

imagePhoto by Novotel Manila

9.       Elegant Venue

We can’t deny the fact that exclusive hotels have elegant venues so this means you don’t need to spend money to have an amazing backdrop because their staircase and chandeliers will make you look like a royalty already.

imagePhoto by Novotel Manila

10.   You will save a lot

If you will be having your ceremony and reception in the hotel you will be saving a lot.  You don’t have to gas and travel, you don’t have to pay for two venues, and you don’t have to pay for a lot of flowers!  Just think of how much you can save in one gorgeous place!  

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