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10 Roles and Responsibilities that Mother of the Bride Should Know

Jan 8, 2018

Mamas!  First of all, congratulations because your darling little princess is now getting married!  We know it is kind of heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time because she finally found someone to share the rest of her life with.  But before the big day comes up, did you ever wonder how your own mom handled your wedding?  Here are some tips that can guide you through if this is your first time!

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1.       Help your daughter find the perfect wedding dress.  This can be a perfect mother and daughter bonding.

2.       Talk to your daughter and her fiancé about the wedding budget.  Being the most experienced one in budgeting and also include the things you would like to pay for them.

3.       Help the couple polish the guest list especially the principal sponsors and don’t forget to ask the groom’s side.  Your daughter might be missing someone on the list so double check it and make the final draft with them.

4.       Ask the grooms mother for a mother of the bride wedding dress concept so you two won’t be in a competition on the wedding day.

5.       Help the couple choose a vendor.  Especially if they are planning to celebrate the wedding in your hometown, you are the one they can rely on for things like this.

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6.       Act as a hostess at the wedding reception by greeting the guests and making sure that they are all comfortable.

7.       Make sure that the newlyweds have greeted every guest on the table.  The couple is so overwhelmed by the things that are happening they might miss to greet someone.

8.       Help the guests with the registry.  The guests will always turn to you and the mother of the groom for registries so ask the couple for the list.

9.       Walk down the aisle with your daughter.  There are some traditions that both parents can walk their daughter down the aisle.

10.   Be a mom; a shoulder to cry on, a best friend she can tell crazy stories about her day, give her advises, be her cheerleader and number one supporter.

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