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10 Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas

Feb 13, 2018

Aside from people proposing on Valentine’s Day, there are many couples who are tying the knot, too!  If you are one of those brides who is planning to get wed on the most romantic day of the year and you only have few ideas in mind, let us help you complete that list!

 1.    Red colored invites

Start letting your guests feel that love is in the air by giving them some red invites.  This will look classy in a dark red felt envelope with your monograms on it. 


 2.    Seating area

There’s no other best idea than to have a comfy red velvet couch waiting for your guests at the reception hall.  This can be used in your picture taking activities and a place where they can relax.

 3.    Red velvet cake

Ohh, for the love of red velvet cake and cream cheese!  If this one is your favorite, go choose it for your wedding day.  A naked red velvet cake for the rustic bride or a 3-tier fondant cake with laces and flowers for the classic bride to complete the look.

 4.    Bright red bridesmaids dress

If you really want to incorporate that red color in your wedding, the best way to do it is through your bridesmaids dress, because they will wear the theme color.  You can also ask your groomsmen to wear red neckties so it will be picture-perfect!


 5.    Wedding shoes

Some couples might choose to wear chucks or black pumps at their, but do not limit yourselves! You can wear red heels or red socks for the groom. 


 6.    Bouquet

Set your bouquet in valentines mood by choosing red roses and greens.  But if you want to get more creative and try the pink one’s our suggestion will be peonies, garden rose, anemones, or even spring tulips!  And just so you know, you can have a heart-shaped bouquet.


 7.    Red and pink cocktails

These two colors best represent love and Valentine’s day.  You can serve strawberry champagne during the toast and tell the bartender to have Valentine’s day specialty drink like cranberry cocktail, raspberry martini or pink grapefruit margaritas.

8.    Dessert table

The dessert table is now a trend in the market, you can tell your vendor to serve pink strawberry cheesecake macarons, pink chocolate covered polvorons, red velvet cheesecake pops and alike.  The choices will be endless, the kids and the adults will definitely be drooling on it!

 9.    Watercolor menu cards and table number

If you want your menu cards to be easily read why not consider the watercolor style with ombre colors, maybe dark to light pink or red?  Same goes for the table number.  Splash it with some gold glitter or paint for a more fabulous look!


10.    Ceremony background

If you want to have a ceremony décor that blends with V-day why not say your “I do’s” behind a big heart-shaped flower wreath or a waterfall of flowers.  We can’t decide which one is better because they both look absolutely stunning! 

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