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10 Things You Need to Know About a Christian Wedding

Jan 8, 2018

We all have different kinds of wedding tradition in our religion.  Roman Catholics opt to wear a bridal dress that is not showing too much skin, Muslims opt to wear their traditional colorful wedding dress while Christians are opting to wear a white bridal dress that signifies purity.  Today we will talk about the flow of a Christian wedding and everything you need to know about it.


Wedding Dress

The bride should wear a white wedding dress because it signifies purity in heart and life.  Christians also believe that this is a symbol or righteousness of Christ.


This reminds the Christians of purity, too.  The removing of the veil means the separation of God and man has been taken away, meaning the believers has an access to the presence of God.

Seating Arrangement

The family of the groom and bride needs to sit on the opposite side of the church.  This symbolizes the cutting of the blood of the covenant. 

The Groom

As a tradition, the groom walks down the aisle first because the groom is Christ and he established the blood covenant first initiated by God.

The Bride

The father of the bride walks her down the aisle and gives her away to the groom.  This also symbolizes the blessing of the bride’s parents for their union.

Joining rights hands

As the bride and the groom join hands while saying their wedding vows.  This also means the new chapter of their life together; two bodies becoming as one and leaving their families to be with their other half.


Exchanging of rings

The main symbol of marriage is a wedding ring.  This has been a tradition in other religions, too!  This symbolizes unending circle and eternal love for each other.  This also means that what the groom has is also now a property of the bride, and that goes the same with the bride’s property, too.

The announcement of husband and wife

When the pastor announced that they are now husband and wife, it is already official.  The couple is now one in the eyes of God and their new chapter begins.


The meal that they are going to feed their guests is part of the covenant.  The couple opts to share their blessings of the covenant and reception also illustrates the wedding supper of the lamb.

Throwing of the rice

They say that this is familiar with the throwing of the seeds.  The throwing of the rice symbolizes the primary course of marriage; to create a family that will serve and honor the Lord.  This also means the fruitfulness of marriage.

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