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10 Things You Need to Know If You Are Going to Have an Overseas Wedding

Dec 21, 2017


Planning about getting married overseas?  We know that it is hard for to know where to start planning and it is our job to help you sort things out before your big day so we have listed some things that you need to include on you checklist before you get off that plane.

1.       Legal Documents

Be sure to bring all your legal documents as possible because some countries will ask for documents to prove that you are single, and some needs to have citizenship before getting married, like in France.   Check the law book first before booking your tickets so you won’t be disappointed and you will be ready for the things or documents they will ask you.

2.       Think Carefully About the Date

Plane tickets are pricey in certain months so you better keep an eye on their website before choosing a date to save money.  There will be plane ticket promos, too, that you can consider in choosing especially if you have all the time in the world to stay in front of your computer and wait for it.

3.       Book Early

Booking early is, in short, saving a lot of cash for the plane ticket (aside from promos).  You will also have an early count of your guests that will be attending your wedding so this is a double purpose.  You can plan ahead for the catering.

4.       Try local products

Getting married abroad means savoring different tasty dishes from that country.  Try to avoid foods that they can taste here in our country.  They went there to experience the culture and the food; you might as well serve them right.

5.       Weather Check

This is very important especially if you are going to have a beach wedding in the Caribbean or a garden wedding in the United Kingdom.  Because the weather is very unpredictable so be sure to pick the date that’s sunny, not stormy.

6.       Hire a Wedding Planner

If you do not want to be stressed out in planning your wedding abroad, hire a wedding planner.  This will help you narrow down your ideas, makes life easier for you and you will even enjoy planning this trip with him/her.  A helping hand is always a good idea.


7.       Be ready for baggage fees

You will bring a lot of clothes on this trip so you better get your money ready for the baggage fee.  Also, speaking of baggage, if you are not going to buy your wedding dress abroad, pack it carefully and put a fragile mark on the bag or box so they will know that they need to handle it with care.

8.       Consider Wedding Packages

Hotels abroad also offer wedding packages just like here in our country, try to ask them if you’ve already chosen one.  You might be surprised that this package will save you a lot of money instead of having your ceremony and reception in different locations.

9.       Combine your wedding and honeymoon

After the big day, your guests will surely take their time roaming around visiting places.  You can combine your honeymoon by having a road trip to a different country, some countries are only miles apart, so if you still want to have a honeymoon abroad without booking plane tickets, this is the solution.


10.   Use your maiden name

Congrats!  You’re already a Mrs.!  But you still need to use your maiden name for booking your ticket to get home; you need to arrange some papers first before you can fully use your spouse’s surname.  And this will save you from airport nightmares.

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