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10 Things You Should Do a Week Before Your Big Day

Dec 27, 2017

After months or years of planning your countdown to your wedding day now is only 7 days!  Is it fast approaching isn’t?  But take down these notes that you should do before your big day to help you prevent wedding disasters and last minute trips to supermarkets or your tailor.  Smooth things out as you can because the prepared you are the better.

1.       Dress rehearsal

Set aside the old wives tale that you should not wear your wedding dress before your big day because something bad might happen.  Well, honestly, something bad might really happen if you do not do a dress rehearsal.  You need to know if it fits perfectly of if need some last minute alteration.  You don’t want to sew up your wedding dress with your bridesmaids on the night before your wedding, do you?

2.       Practice wearing your wedding shoes

Nothing is more painful than wearing shoes that exactly fits your feet.  The one that there’s no allowance.  So before walking down the aisle, try to practice with them at least 30 minutes a day.  The shoes will be able to adjust to your feet and in no time you will feel comfortable wearing them.


3.       Call your wedding planner

Ask him or her if there’s anything they need or will need before you get busy.  Also, ask them how was the reception venue, the caterer, the flowers, everything.  Polish it with them so you won’t have to worry.

4.       Finish your work

If you don’t want to think of anything work related during your wedding or honeymoon, finish your work a week before it.  Trust us, this will give you a peace of mind and will make you more relaxed.

5.       Final payment for your suppliers

You won’t have time to pay them personally on your big day and this is the right time to settle your payments.  Some suppliers do require their customers to give the final payment a week before the big day.

6.       Have a mani and pedi

Treat and pamper yourself.  In this way, you will not be nervous.  And you should have beautiful nails for that wedding band!


7.       Practice your wedding vows

Especially if you have stage fright, you need to practice it out loud.  We know that you have been practicing it in your head but it will be much better if you know how you sound while delivering it so you can adjust the tone of your voice and correct your pronunciation.

8.       Prepare your gifts

Wrap your gifts for your bridesmaids and groom.  You shouldn’t forget to thank them for all the help they’ve done for you and your big day.  And for the groom, this will ease his nervousness hours before your wedding because you thought of him despite the busy schedule.

9.       Pack your wedding bags

This is similar to packing your things for a trip, but this time it is for your wedding.  Don’t forget to include an extra dress if you want to change for the after party and some safety pins and needles in case someone might need it.


10.   Clean your house/apartment

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home to a tidy house.  You don’t have to clean this and that, you can go straight to the couch, breathe and relax with your now husband.  

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