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10 Things You Should Have in Your Wedding Registry

Jan 29, 2017

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With so many options to choose from, completing your wedding registry can be quite overwhelming. Most of the time, you could end up listing down things that you’ll never get to use and just eventually take up space in your home.

Here is a list of the things that you should have and should include in your wedding registry:

#1 Towels

A lot of people leave towels out of their list because they think they’re too trivial and ordinary to be included. You might think so, too. But towels are a very practical choice because you’ll get to use them every single day. Plus, you’ll get through them so there’s no such thing as having too many towels at home.

#2 Chef’s Knife

Cooking becomes more fun and less stressful if you have good cutting and slicing utensils to help you with the food preparation. Have a set that’s made of top-quality materials as a gift on your wedding day.

#3 Luggage

If you have a bunch of trips planned, this would be a great item to add on your wedding registry list. Go for one that’s durable so you can use it for the years to come.

#4 Cookbooks

Regardless if you are well-versed in the kitchen department or if you can’t cook anything, having a bunch of cookbooks with really easy-to-make recipes is never a bad idea. That way, you wouldn’t have to spend too much time planning your meals for the rest of the week.

#5 Cast Iron Cookware

Here’s another kitchen item that can be a life saver and for sure, an investment piece. This thing is sturdy, naturally non-stick, multi-purpose, and can practically last you a lifetime. Be sure to include this on your list.

#6 Slow Cooker

Once you’re married, it would be impractical to eat out or have food delivered to your home every single night. A slow cooker is a great kitchen device that can let you put a bunch of ingredients in the pot, turn it on, leave it for a couple of hours, and once you’re done with work and  you get home, your meal is ready.

#7 Camera

You can’t always rely on your smart phone’s built-in camera to capture the memories that you and your husband will make after you’ve tied the knot. Why not include a real, top-quality camera on your list?

#8 Sheets

You’re probably one of those people who want a set of luxurious bed sheets but never willing to spend that much on it. Well, now is your time to finally delight yourself (and your other half) with that. Remember that you spend about a third of your life sleeping. So, you might as well indulge.

#9 Coffeemaker

Why include coffeemaker? Because mornings become a whole lot better with a great cup of coffee (or two depending on the day ahead).

#10 Decors

While these things are mostly for aesthetic purposes rather than practical, it doesn’t hurt to add some picture frames and other decorative pieces on your list. It’s always nice to have pieces of decors in your home that will remind you of the people who were part of your big day.

And there you have it! These are just some of the things that you need to include in your wedding registry.

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