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25 Drugstore Buys That Should Be In Your Bridal Kit

Apr 12, 2018

It is better to be ready than to look for a nearest drugstore or convenience store on the last minute of your wedding day!  But this isn’t just for the brides, this is also for the bridesmaids, guests and all the ladies that would attend the wedding.

1.    Lipstick

But don’t just bring one shade, bring at least three shades of lipsticks!  You may not need it but you can be a blessing in disguise to others.

2.    Blush

Your blush will fade after 4 hours or so and you need to put some to still look beautiful until the end of the wedding

3.    Highlighter

Look glowing all day buy buying a highlighter but don’t put too much because too much highlighter is not going to make you pretty!

4.    Eyeshadow

Some palettes of the make up artist will not suit your skin tone so it is better to bring or buy one that you know will work for you.

           5.    Oil control sheet

Wipes in not advisable to use for your face if you still want to keep your makeup but you also want to be oil-free.  Oil control sheets will save the day!

6.    Face mask

Prepare your face before the wedding by buying a face mask.  Soothe your face and those tired eyes.


Make-up by Bea Almeda

7.    Body wash

You can buy or bring your favorite body wash and use it while taking a bath.  This will make you feel good and look good on your wedding day.

8.    Hair mask

If you want to have a good hair day for the wedding day, buy a hair mask. You can do it with your girls and it will be a fun girls’ night!


Beauty by Felisadae

9.    Deodorant

Don’t forget to buy a deo to keep you smelling fresh all day even if it is hot and sweaty here in our country!

10.    Moisturizer

Prep your face before applying makeup with a moisturizer so that it will be ready for the chemicals and for the long day.

11.    Mints

Whether you will talk to your guests or you just ate a fish, mints will make your breath fresh and you won't have to go to the comfort room to brush your teeth.

12.    Wipes

Wipes have so many uses, to clean your hands, to wipe what needs to be wiped, to clean almost everything.  This is a must-have in your pouch!

13.    Tissue

If you are a cry baby, bring some tissues to wipe those tears away and sneeze!  You are also going to need this when you go to the comfort room to pee.

14.    Lip balm

Your Chapstick needs to be in your wallet every single time, whether you are attending a wedding or not so you can have supple lips.

15.    Hair polish

Keep your hair looking healthy without any freeze by using a hair polish.  It will make a big difference, trust us!

16.    Mascara

When you are going to attend a wedding you better buy a waterproof mascara if you don’t want it to be smudged all over your face after the wedding vows.

17.    Toothbrush and whitening toothpaste

We tend to forget our toothbrush and toothpaste when packing, so don’t forget to buy these two!

18.    Lotion or body butter

Dry and flaky skin is a no-no!  don’t forget to put in your basket a bottle of lotion or a tub of your favorite body butter.

19.    Eyeliner

Eyeliners makes our eyes look big and dramatic, but if you don’t like to look like a panda, buy a waterproof eyeliner!

20.    Hairspray

To make those curls set and last up to 8 hours, you need to buy yourself a hairspray so your hair will look good in every photo!


Makeup by Cye

21.    Alcohol

Alcohol is always a must-have because it cleans your skin without water.  Who doesn’t leave the house without alcohol in their pouch anyway?

22.    Sanitizer

If you want your hands to be clean and smell good after shaking hands with your guests then buy a scented sanitizer.

23.    Potty disinfectant spray

If you have issues with cleanliness, the potty spray is the best buy!  You can also use this in other places!

24.    Hydrating face mist

To keep your face hydrated all day even if it is under makeup, you can buy a face hydrating mist.  It is so refreshing and you won't regret buying this one!


TJ Nonato Hair and Makeup Artistry

25.    Hand cream

We all have different types of skin and if your skin dries a lot you should buy a hand cream to keep your hands moisturized.

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