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3 Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Feb 16, 2017

Without a doubt, choosing the style of your wedding dress can become a tough task to accomplish, especially with so many things to take into consideration, because we’re going to give you the freshest and hottest ideas when it comes to wedding dresses. Here are a few styles that might spark your interest:

1. The Classic A-Line White Dress

Photo by: Rei Escario

This design is one that will never go out of style; perfect for you if you want a timeless, romantic, and classy look. One of the best things about A-line wedding dresses is how they go so well with almost any body types.

2. The Easy Boho Chic Dress

Photo by: 12Masters Photography

If you’re one who prefers to flaunt a more laid back look on your wedding day, then perhaps you can take a look at various boho-inspired designs. They come in different silhouettes and styles, and most boho wedding dresses use really light materials which make them a lot more comfortable to wear.

3. The Non-Traditional Dress

Photo by: Everafter

There is no rule set in stone that you must wear a white wedding dress. If you’re bold enough, how about you use other colors for your ensemble? You can always opt for beige or the softest shade of pink or peach if you want it to be more subtle. For the ones who’d like to make a daring impression, how about a printed wedding dress?

When choosing a particular wedding dress style, it’s important to not just look at what the trend is. Also, make sure that your personality shines through the dress. To achieve your desired wedding look, be sure to go for a designer who's both reliable and easy to talk to.

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by Andria

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