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3 Reasons Deconstructed Wedding Cakes Are Perfect For Your Wedding

Jul 18, 2018


Back during the days, people practically have similar types of wedding cakes. However, with the progression of time, you now see various wedding cakes. Recently, one of the most favored wedding cakes is the deconstructed wedding cake.      

How Did Deconstructed Wedding Cakes Become Trendy?

There was a time when people cared more about blending in more than anything, but through the course of time, people realized that self-expression is an art that’s much more important than compliance. With that awakening, people began to take an interest in unusual wedding cakes. Such is the case with the deconstructed wedding cake.


However, what really marked the rise of the deconstructed wedding cake is the royal wedding. With Prince Harry and Megan Markle breaking headlines about their unusual wedding cake, the rest of the engaged world started to follow suit.

Everything about the royal wedding was unusual – from the British of offerings up to Megan walking the aisle all by herself. With that, people shouldn’t have been surprised to see the couple’s unusual wedding cake. The cake wasn’t in tiers, just like what you’d often see in most weddings. The layers of cake were displayed in a disordered fashion, a kind of art most people refer to as a deconstructed wedding cake.

Violet Bakery’s Claire Ptak was the one responsible for the creation of the unusual wedding cake that took the world by storm.


Perks of Choosing a Deconstructed Wedding Cake

If Prince Harry and Megan Markle have anything to say about deconstructed wedding cakes, then no one can question this new trend in weddings. Beyond the aesthetic satisfaction that this cake brings, there are also other aspects that make this cake desirable:

1. Multiple Flavors


Did you ever attend an occasion and wish that there were more cake flavors for you to choose from? Even the owner of the event himself sometimes wishes he could bring more flavors to the table, but due to the expense of ordering several cakes for an occasion, a single-flavored cake is a traditional standard.

Deconstructed cakes don’t really eradicate single-flavored cakes, but it does give you the option to incorporate other flavors. This type of cake is typically set up on several elevations. If you plan on working on different flavors, you can just put a small sign on each tier to let the guests know what’s inside.


There is also a recent trend which rose due to a couple who couldn’t decide which flavors to put on their cakes. To remedy the situation, the couple asked the pastry chef to choose the flavors themselves.

Although the kissing of the groom and bride is usually the most awaited part of every wedding, for the case of the said couple, what thrilled the guests the most was probably the cake tasting part, owing to the fact that there was literally no one who knew what flavors were on the cake. Not even the engaged couple themselves knew about it. The only people aware of the flavor was the pastry staff.

2. Less Expensive

A deconstructed cake usually sports a simple and white design. Due to its minimalist look, it’s relatively cheaper compared to if you were to forego the deconstructed cake and go for an architectural behemoth.

3. Accommodates the Needs of the Wedding Guests

Since deconstructed cakes are set up in a disoriented manner, you have the option to include gluten-free varieties, or whatever meal diet your guests have.

Wouldn't a Deconstructed Cake Look Messy?

Perhaps, one of the reasons the evolution of wedding cakes went on for a century without deconstructed wedding cakes was largely due to the fact that people thought different tiers scattered around the wedding table would look messy.

However, it was the royal wedding itself that proved otherwise. As a matter of fact, the deconstructed wedding cake of the royal wedding was one of the most elegant and astounding wedding cake arrangement the world has ever seen.

Objectively, this is because of the various geometrical sizes of the wedding tiers, not to mention the presentation of the toppers that gave the cake a mish-mash look of different shapes.


One may call deconstructed cakes as a sort of minimalistic art, but there are some inconsistencies. First of all, minimalist designs take space into consideration. The most well-known minimalist designs known to man only takes little space.

However, deconstructed cakes typically take more space in the table compared to traditional wedding cakes. Nonetheless, there is no denying that the amount of space that deconstructed cakes take up makes the table in wedding events looks more sophisticated.

More and more wedding themes are slowly coming into the limelight. One of the most popular wedding themes to date is boho and contemporary themes. Guess what? Deconstructed cakes go so well with these kinds of set-up.

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