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3 Simple Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Feb 16, 2017

We know it’s your big day but other than walking down the aisle and sealing your love story that day, you also have to remember the reception awaits and you are the party host. So give your guests the best time from the start of the ceremony until the last few minutes of your reception.

Hire a live band

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Music plays an essential role in making sure your guests don’t get bored. One way to have a lively party is by getting a great band. Live music always brightens up the mood of everyone. The best thing about hiring a band is that it is interactive, and not only can you choose the songs they’ll play, you can even have your guests sing along with them!

Hit the dance floor

imagePhoto by: Light and Salt Cherish Weddings & Events

A wedding filled with dancing is always a fun and memorable night. As the music starts, lead your guests to the dance floor. Signing up for dance lessons before your big day would be a nice idea. However, you can also give it a twist by choosing unique styles like hiphop or a traditional Filipino dance. Some brides/grooms even prepare a flashmob dance performance with their entourage to make their significant others laugh and enjoy the party. 

Choose the perfect host

imagePhoto by: KG Global Artist Management

There are so many advantages of getting an experienced and professional wedding host. Aside from preparing a program for you, they can also help you come up with exciting activities to keep the party alive and kicking. Setting the pace of your reception is also the responsibility of the host, so make sure to choose someone who can adjust to some possibly unexpected changes in the program like an uncle making a surprise toast or your nephew who wants to sing a song for you.

It really isn’t that hard to make everybody enjoy and have fun on your big day. All you have to do is to take into consideration these ideas and you’ll be set to have an afternoon or a night filled with amazing memories. 

by Andria

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