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30 Conversation Openers for Busy Partners to Get that Romance Spark Again

May 2, 2018


"I'm just not feeling it anymore."

This is a line we often hear in melodramas or rom-coms films. As much as we'd hate to admit it, lines like this get said in real life as well. It often occurs when the spark in a relationship dies out due to lack of communication. People can sometimes get tied up with their busy schedules. When this happens it can be pretty hard to find time for each other.

Whether you're in the midst of piecing your relationship back together or you're keeping a relationship from going this direction, you will find these conversation openers useful.

1. What do you consider to be our best date ever?

2. What is that ‘something’ you won’t forget about me?

3. What is it in me that attracted you most?

4. What is it that I have done which made you feel most loved?

5. What’s your most unforgettable memory when you were a kid?

6. What haircut did you have that you hated most?

7. What childhood dream were you not able to get at all?

8. What toy was your favorite when you were little?

9. What is that particular moment that you feel very proud of yourself?

10. What’s my habit that you think is weird but still love?


11. What special thing do you want me to do to relieve your stress?

12. What food do you want me to cook when you are feeling down?

13. What food have you eaten you think is very strange?

14. What do you usually think about when you see me in the morning as you open your eyes from sleep?

15. What are you most thankful for in life?

16. What is the most important lesson in life which molded you as a person?

17. When was the time you were sure that you were already in love with me?

18. Where do you imagine traveling together next?

19. How did you feel on our first date?

20. How's work today?


21. How do you take a break from a hectic schedule at work?

22. Which three parts of your body do you love to be kissed the most?

23. Which part of your body would you love to be massaged?

24. Have you had a bizarre dream that you cannot forget?

25. Do you still remember how our dream house looks like?

26. Do you have new things on your mind for our “couple time”?

27. During our first date, can you still remember why you asked me out?

28. Imagine you’re a photographer and I’m your subject. What do you want me to portray?

29. Can you tell of a place where we did not have sex yet, but you would love to?

30. Can you tell me some of your prayers?

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