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4 Reasons Marriage Is Harder Now Than Ever

Aug 20, 2018

These days, taking care of marriage is a lot harder than before.

It’s a simple concept really - love someone and build a life together.

The people before us were able to maintain good marriages effectively.

Our grandparents did a good job and our own parents seemed to have hit the mark.  

So, how come our generation has so much difficulty with marriages?

It’s a mystery...or is it?

You’ll often hear older people say that there’s no difference between the then and now.

However, we see from afar that things have certainly changed, mostly for the better.

Technology paved the way for easy living, but it seems that the latter also affected our relationships.

Here are reasons why we think marriage has become more difficult than ever.

1. Everything Is More Expensive Than Before


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We weren’t born at the same age as our parents so there’s really no way to be sure how much things cost by then.

However, we’re all pretty sure that it’s nowhere compared to the height of the prices right now.

It’s hard enough to pay for bills as a bachelor. Just imagine, how things are going to be more difficult the moment you start supporting a family.

It’s not easy looking for a good enough job that can pay for electricity, utilities, the house, even other necessities for the future baby. 

Before you know it, you’ll be too busy working at your day job and paying the bills to even think of going on a dinner date with your husband.

You’ll be too preoccupied with adult life to even dream of enjoying your marriage at its sweetest stage.

We do our best to put marriage and family at the center of the pedestal. Yet, current times make it difficult to achieve.

2. Connected Online, Disconnected Real Time


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When was the last time you talked to your loved one?

You could have been in the gym, at the office, you could have even been in the same room.

Yet, talking to your loved one is just one click away. I doubt you even heard his voice.

These days, people have gotten so used to talking to people through social media.

It’s so enthralling how talking to people have become so much easier.

Important to note is how social media does a pretty good job at keeping marriages intact when the other has to leave the country to earn a better living.

We are too focused on the thrills and joys of social media that we don’t notice how this new way of communication has gotten in the way of our relationships.

One of the most important things in marriages is the personal touch, but since we’ve become too reliant on social media, the personal touch is almost as good as gone.

A lot of us has learned to be offended by messages we see on a screen.

We would even accuse the other person of being angry or upset when we didn’t actually have any idea what he was feeling when he sent the message.

Sometimes, these misunderstandings are short-lived.

So, you see, even though social media is capable of keeping marriages intact, it can also ruin it.

3. Social Media Makes Us Crave For Attention More Than Love


Our grandparents and other ancestors also loved getting attention when they were our age.

The only difference between the past and present is that now, you have the tool to become famous.

There was a time when famous was a term that can only be used to describe a celebrity.

That’s not the case anymore. All you need is a really good selfie, and then your post would be flooded with reactions and shares in no time.

If that’s not good enough, you just have to wear less clothing, and guess what?

You’ll get more likes.

Sounds harmless, right?

But it’s actually more than that.

People also post about the life that they live, only the things that they post aren’t the entire truth.

I even know some people who are broke, yet if you look at their social media profiles, you’ll see posts of bar clubs with them in it, along with their fancy drinks.

Still, this does not sound harmful. Wrong!

It does harm something - your relationship, your marriage.

When you are in a romantic relationship, you need to stop seeking attention from other people because if you do, you’ll suddenly wonder why you can’t get enough of your husband’s attention, or worst your marriage as a whole.

When you’re so gratified by the likes and comments you receive on social media, you tend to question the kind of attention your partner gives you.

All of a sudden, you’ll be comparing your partner to someone you’ve only met on Facebook, just because you feel like your social media friend is better at giving compliments compared to your partner.

The worst-case scenario is when you’ll compare your marriage to the ones you see on social media.

Nothing seems perfect anymore.

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

One of the best ways to take good care of marriage is by giving your partner full attention.

That can be hard to do if you’re always too busy worrying about what the rest of the world will think of you when you post a new status.

4. We Unknowingly Invite Strangers to Our Bedroom

Social media gave us the gift of communication.

We can build connections with people, no matter the distance, but we lost something in exchange for this sense of convenience.

We lost our privacy.

We’re not literally inviting strangers to our bedroom, but since most of us have no control of which parts of our life we post online, we give strangers the luxury of seeing us in our bathing suit.

They see us dining at a fancy restaurant.

It’s like we drove them in our cars or took them to our dressing room, all because everything we do, everywhere we go, we make things public.

Of course, this isn’t true for everyone, but for people who are fond of making everything public, the moments which are supposed to be for the love of marriage, they now spend worrying about their next status update or the best filter to use for their OOTD.

Even worst is when you share on social media the moments that are supposed to be kept in confidence between the marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share a part of your life to your social media friends, but we need to draw a line between the things that we can share and the things that we need to keep private.  

After all, marriage is sacred. We should keep it that way.

You don’t need to confine yourself in your house, but you should think about the information that you post online (maybe it’s marriage-sensitive).

Just think of all the people who wish they could experience this.

Yet, they never did.

We should show appreciation for our marriage by valuing your privacy.

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