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4 Things Every Father of The Bride Should Know

Feb 28, 2018

Your little princess is now a grown up and as much as it hurts to know that she is leaving the house very soon, there are things that you should know before she gets married.  These are just small things but we are 100% sure that she’s going to appreciate it!

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1.       Ask if they need help

Sometimes the bride and the groom don’t like to bother the mother and father of the bride because they thought they can handle it.  But little did you know that they need some help, too, in the process.  Like picking up some guests at the airport or getting something they forgot at the house.

2.       It is okay to get emotional

We know that the moment you heard about the engagement you were about to burst into tears but you managed to smile and congratulate your daughter and her future husband to be.  Don’t hold back your emotions; weddings are really full of laughter and tears.

3.       Make a toast

Aside from the newlyweds and their groomsmen and maid of honor, you will be giving them a toast, too!  So don’t forget to write it in advance and prepare some cheat sheet if you feel the need to.

4.       Pay attention to the guests

Especially the older ones because you are the closest to them and they will go home early.  Your kids will be too busy entertaining others guests that they don’t have time to pay attention to the visitors who are leaving early.  You can even tell them that Uncle Jessy said goodbye when they were dancing on the dance floor.

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