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5 Conversations You Need To Have With Your Mother In Law Before You Tie The Knot

Apr 20, 2018


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Saying "I do" in front of your family and closest friends isn't just marrying the man of your dreams, it is also taking responsibility for his family and accepting them as your own. After the wedding, you will officially be a part of the family. What's his is yours, and what's yours is already his. Before anything else, here are the convos you need to have with your future mother-in-law.

What do you want us to include?

It is important to ask your mother-in-law what she wants to include in your wedding. It is a sign of respect if they have any traditions in the family that they have been doing in weddings for generations. This might be a challenging conversation to have, so bring a lot of patience with you.

How many guests are you planning to invite?

One of the important persons to ask about the guest list is your mother-in-law because she has a list of relatives and friends she wants to invite, too! If you are going to have a small wedding, be sure to give her a specific number of guests that she can invite.

What do you plan to wear?

Before she goes shopping, advise your future mother-in-law about your color scheme. It's possible that right after the engagement, she will be looking for her dress! If you are excited about the wedding, she is, too!


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What do you want to help us with?

Your mother-in-law wants to help you with your wedding, and there are some tasks that she would love to do like make the table arrangement, host the engagement party or rehearsal dinner, or even go dress shopping with you.

Do you have any advice for me or for us?

Our moms love to give us advice about life, studies, and relationships—and your groom’s mom is no different. She knows her son like the back of her hand, so she will give you great marriage advice! She will treasure this moment because it will make her feel important.

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