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5 Creative Prenup Locations in Cebu

Dec 5, 2017

Location, location, location! Creating the perfect scene for prenuptial photos is all about picking the right venue to fit the theme and mood you have in mind. Choosing the right location will tie together the concept that you want to realize and make shooting your pre-wedding photos worth every effort. Here are five locations in Cebu that have topped the list for shooting engagement photos.

Temple of Leah
Photo by: fotohOlic

This majestic structure situated atop one of Busay’s hills is worth the climb as its facade boasts of architecture inspired by Grecian temples. This location best suits themes which need a foreign touch without the added expense of leaving the island.

Circa 1900
Photo by: Paopao Sanchez

The colonial house which was restored into a restaurant sets off a vintage feel with its whitewashed walls—perfect for creating a whimsical backdrop. This setting has the perfect ambiance to bring back the past for pre-wedding photos that demand an old-time elegance.

Plantation Bay
Photo by: Portraits by Bukool

Cebu is known for its pristine, white-sand beaches and what better way to show off living the island life than having an engagement shoot at one of the island’s luxurious resorts. Aside from their shoreline, Plantation Bay also provides other venues such as lush greeneries and their Japanese-inspired spa for laid-back engagement themes.

Cebu Yacht Club
Photo by: Shutterfairy

Something nautical planned? This is one location that you should consider. With an array of yachts in different sizes and styles and a beautiful view of the Cebu harbor, the beautiful result of your photos will surely launch a thousand ships.

Camp Marina
Photo by: fotohOlic

If you want a to recreate scenes from a storybook, Camp Marina will bring you into the woods within city limits. Situated in Lahug, this venue can be used to create a picturesque forest adventure as it has an abundance of flora which photographers can make use of to create enchanting stories.

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by Korina

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