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5 Etiquette Rules Your Guests Might Break And How To Avoid It

Mar 12, 2018

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We have attended a lot of weddings, and we have seen so many wedding guests breaking some rules. First-time attendees, especially, may not know how to behave at weddings. Some guests might even make the same mistakes over and over again. In a few cases, the couple's requests or rules get ignored, particularly if the information is not disseminated well. 

Here’s what you can do if guests break the common rules on your big day.

1. When You Have an Unplugged Wedding

You will find some guests sneaking to take pictures if you are having an unplugged wedding. You know that feeling when you are restricted to do something, it just makes you want to do it more? That is what they are feeling! The temptation is just too strong! What you can do is to remind them of the ceremony and ask your officiant and wedding coordinators to remind them again of your rule.

2. When Their Expectations Were Not Met

Some of your guests will even regret attending your wedding and would rather have had a weekend somewhere at the last minute. That's okay—don't sweat it, and don't dwell on it! You can't please everyone. What matters most are those people close to your hearts like your parents, wedding entourage, and true friends who are as happy as you because you are finally tying the knot!

3. When They Judge Your Choices

Yes, let us admit to ourselves that even we can be judgmental of someone else’s wedding. The chosen colors, the wedding reception venue, the food, the flowers, everything that there is to judge will be judged! Again, that is okay. Their opinion is not a big deal as long as you pulled off your dream wedding!

If, as early as now, you know there are some people that would be too judgmental and stress you out on your big day, you always have the option to—politely—cross them off your wedding guest list. If it's too late or if you don't want to uninvite them, maybe ask your wedding planners and entourage for help to keep them off your radar all day long (it's possible with teamwork and determination!).

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4.  When They Get Drunk

if you are having a great after party, chances are there will be more drunk guests because they will be having a great time. If you want their drinks to be monitored, hire a professional bartender, so no one will be driving drunk and sleeping on the dance floor.

5. When They Arrive Late

There will always be that relative and friend who will come late—be it a meeting, outing, wedding, reunion, a Sunday mass, etc. Some couples write an earlier time in the invitation to prevent latecomers, so when the ceremony begins, everyone is already there. You can try this, or let them be if you don't mind latecomers. For your wedding entourage and suppliers, however—that's a different story, and your wedding planner can help keep everyone in check and avoid delays on your big day.

If you don't have a wedding coordinator or planner yet, get a free consultation with BG Bridal Gallery! Our team has years of experience and refined skills that they can use to give you a hassle-free dream wedding.

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