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5 Handy Tips For Dealing With Brides

Feb 20, 2018

Usually, it's always the brides in charge of the planning the wedding. There are two kinds of brides, the even-tempered and the bridezilla, so today we have some handy tips that you can apply while dealing with them.

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 1.       Set boundaries

Ask them what their wedding expectations are and then ask how much their budget is.  If she doesn’t have enough budget it is better to be honest with her so she will know what to adjust and what to expect.  Set realistic boundaries so you won’t have to encounter any trouble in the future.  This also prevents the nice brides to become bridezillas the last minute.

 2.       Communicate with her more often

Let us say she has not given you a call for almost two days now, it is your job to update her and tell her what is going on.  You don’t have to wait for her to ask. The bride might be busy doing in the office or managing her business but she ought to know what’s happening even if it’s just a text message.  This will give them a peace of mind.

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 3.       Listen first and don’t interrupt

This should be applied to all conversations.  We all need to learn to listen first and talk second.  They will appreciate it more if you are a good listener, you can tell your suggestions later when they are finished.  If your customer is venting out, well, you know that it is better to not say a word than to interrupt, it is rude and it will only make things worse.  Wait for them to calm down before talking.

 4.       Don’t be afraid to say sorry

We all make mistakes and if you made one be honest about it and say sorry.  Don’t be too proud, this will make you lose customers!  And we don’t want that.  Don’t make it a big deal especially if the problem is not too significant.

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 5.       Be nice even if it kills you

Customer service is not easy and it has never been, you will always encounter irate customers and the best way to deal with them is to smile and be nice, talk like you are an angel in disguise!  We know that it is killing you and all you want is this to be over.  It will, soon!  Just be a professional wedding vendor even if she’s mad crazy.

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