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5 Instagrammable Destinations for Your Honeymoon This 2018!

Feb 23, 2018

Aside from beach trips, couples are now exploring other picturesque places that they can share with their social media friends.  If you are one of those couples who doesn’t like to go on a beach trip for your honeymoon because you want to see other breathtaking places around the world, you might want to check our list!

 1.    Cape Town, South Africa

For animal and nature lovers, the best place you can go to is the wild.  Explore and experience safaris in Cape Town, aside from that they also have unique landscapes, beaches, and wine country.  This sounds like a Discovery Channel themed honeymoon!


 2.    Fairbanks, Alaska

Have you been dreaming of wearing a coat and boots?  Take your honeymoon to a different level by experiencing snow while witnessing the beautiful northern lights in Fairbanks, Alaska.  They have their very own local forecast there and the best time to visit the place is from late August to mid-April.


 3.    Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pack your things, grab your keys and hit the road!  This is the all new way to celebrate your honeymoon.  Take your time and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.  If you want to spend the night there, you can go camping in Big Sur and explore the wineries in the town of Solvang on the next day.


 4.    Myanmar

Discover lakes, ancient temples and witness breath-sunsets in Myanmar.  If you want to go exotic and you want to know other traditions aside from our own, the most recommended place to visit is Myanmar.  You can savor in their tasty dishes and even learn their recipes, too!  Oh, the most important reminder here is you have to dress conservatively if you want to visit their temples.


 5.    New Zealand

Experience the good old days by having a train ride in New Zealand and discover their stunning rivers and snow-capped mountains.  Just like Anne and Erwan!  Start the journey in Auckland and finish it in Christchurch.  The accommodation will not be a problem because there are plenty of hotels in the area and a lot of beautiful local stores to visit.


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