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5 Key points to Say in Your Wedding Toast

Jan 27, 2018

We all expect that the wedding toast is only for best man, bridesmaids, best friends, and parents but did they never mentioned that before they get into their speech you need to deliver a short speech, too?  Yes, but it doesn’t have to be long!  Here are the key points that you shouldn’t forget to include in your wedding toast whether you are the bride or the groom.


1.       Welcome everyone

All eyes are on you and this is the best way to welcome everyone because you have their attention and you have the microphone.  And if you would rewind the clock, let say 2 hours ago, you haven’t even got the chance to welcome them to the ceremony because they are meant to be welcomed in the reception.  So don’t forget this one!

 2.       Thank your guests

They allotted a day to be at your wedding so you better thank them.  You cannot get everyone to attend your wedding so you must be so special to them if they have had attended yours.  And don’t forget to special mention the people who helped you through the wedding preparation, they deserve a toast!

 3.       Thank your parents

Of course, this magical day wouldn’t be possible without your parent’s consent and help.  They have been guiding you since day one so don’t forget to thank them!  Also, don’t forget to thank your in-laws, too!


 4.       Appreciation

Say something like how happy you are that you are now married to the girl of your dreams after 26 years of living.  Something cheesy but not too long because you have already said your vows to each other.

 5.       Breathe and have a toast

Don’t forget to breathe!  Some people are not that confident to talk in public, hence, they don’t breathe until the last word has been said.  Just relax, imagine you are just talking in front of your friends and no one is going to judge you.  Lastly, have a toast and enjoy the day!

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