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5 Old School Wedding Traditions We Will Always Love

Feb 27, 2018

Some weddings are not complete without the old style traditions like "something blue, something borrowed and something new". Weddings of today have either completely changed or adjusted to modern days but there's still some who want to go on a completely traditional wedding. Regardless of how traditional or modern they may be, weddings will still be amazing, and it isn't bad to put in a little tradition on your wedding to make it more memorable, right? So here are some traditions that you can use - read on and find out more!

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1.       Asking your future in-laws blessing

The tradition that every one of us grew up in is to visit the parents of the bride-to-be to ask for their permission, before anything else.  After that, the wedding planning follows.  Take note! The groom-to-be and his parent/guardians should be present in this scenario.

 2.       Send invites through mail

Sending invitations through snail mail will never go out of style! Mailing invitations today are sometimes not necessary because we can give it to them personally. This is possible for guests who live out of town.  After all, there's always that exciting feeling when you receive a mail, right? (other than your bills of course!)

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3.       Include something borrowed, something new and something blue

This is totally optional but it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?  Just imagine or watch the movie Bride Wars, where Anne Hathaway gave the blue pin to her best friend who's also getting married!  These things will always remind you of your wedding day.

 4.       Handwritten Thank You

The sweetest thing your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and guests will receive from your wedding is a handwritten thank you note.  It is not just a thank you but some words of appreciation for taking time to be there and for their gift, too!

 5.       Releasing of dove

This tradition has been passed on to different generations and up to now, some are still doing it.  The dove symbolizes peace, love, and innocence.  Our great grandparents used to believe that releasing of doves means the couple will live a harmonious and long life together.

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