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5 Steps on How to Properly Announce Your Engagement

Oct 4, 2017


Ladies!  We know that you are still on cloud nine after seeing him kneel on one knee and asked you the question.  We also know that you cant wait to post your stolen picture from that moment or the engagement ring he gave you.  But take a minute and relax!  By the word proper it means that we need to follow a guideline for the announcement.  Yes! There is a proper way on how to announce it. You cant believe it?  Read it down below.

Tell your parents FIRST

Both you and your fiancé needs to tell each others parents.  They should be the first one to know that their daughter/son is getting married soon.  They can give you advises and can help you shoulder some bills.  A personal visit with your parents would be nice if they are residing in the province, but if they are residing outside the country, just a phone call or video call will do!(thanks to technology!)

Tell your daughter/son

If you have been married before and you had children you better tell them, too.  They have all the right in world to know what is happening in your life, you may be their mom or dad and you are the superior but all of you needs to be on the same page.  You don’t want them hating your fiancé the end.

Set a family gathering

This is very traditional here in our country, we invite the relatives of both sides to have a dinner together.  Also, to be able to meet the future in laws of their son or daughter.  This is a good time for them to bond and to know about each other.  But if you’re parents are divorced, make sure to set a meeting with them separately just to avoid hard feelings!


Make phone calls

You can now start making phone calls!  We are so sure you cant wait to tell you BFF!  Call your best friend, your closest friends, your relatives and everyone you think that they should hear it personally from you.  You wouldn’t believe that they, too, will be squealing  with you on the phone!

Finally, announce it on the web!

We know you cannot wait another day to do this!  After seeing your friends getting engaged and married and now it is finally your turn!  Post that gorgeous rock and let the whole world know that you are the luckiest girl!  And here’s warm congratulations from us!

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