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5 Strategies To Make Sales And Attract Future Brides

Feb 14, 2018

We have always dreamed of our perfect wedding since we were just kids, there’s already a picture in our head on how are we going to look, where it will happen and things like that.  Your market here is not just the ladies who just got engaged but also the ladies who haven’t yet.  Because we, girls, can’t help to plan this in our heads!  So here are the strategies that you can use to attract the future brides.


 1.    Promote your page/website

If you have already started your business, one of the best ways to get people to see it is to promote it.  It can be through social media (because Facebook has now become an online selling website), email marketing or in-store promotions.  There are now different or let us say many ways to promote your product.

 2.    Be available on social media

They might have read your article in one of your customer’s blog, the next thing that the future brides will do is to search your name on social media.  She’s going to look if you have good feedbacks, the picture of your products and if you are a legit vendor.

 3.    Make sure you have good feedbacks

The best way to have a good or even better feedback is to give your customer a quality product.  A product that they will be satisfied that you don’t have to ask them for a review, they will voluntarily do it!  Future brides are looking for assurance especially if you are just new in the market; they need to know that they will get the best from you!


 4.    Post helpful blogs

Brides and future brides have a lot of questions regarding the wedding.  They will look for tips, strategies, ideas and everything wedding related.  The best way they can find you is when you post a helpful blog that will answer all their questions and queries.  If they think you are reliable then they will hire you.

 5.    Get help from other vendors

If you think that your client will not click with you or their budget doesn’t suit your package, you can refer them to other vendors.  You need to have a lot of connections in this business even if it is your competitor because you will be referring one another at some point.  Trust us, they will do the same for you!

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