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5 Things to Include in Your Traditional Wedding

Jan 16, 2018

If you grew up in a family who still follows the tradition during special occasions this article is for you.  We are now in a generation full of high technology gadgets but when it comes to tradition our parents and grandparents will never set aside that over anything else.  Here are the five things to include in your traditional wedding that they will be impressed!

1. Barong Tagalog

Instead of wearing suits or tuxedo, a traditional Filipino wedding is all about barong Tagalog.  It is a sheer long sleeve, button up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath paired with black slacks. 

imagePhoto by The Green Lounge Events

 2. Tiered Cake

When it comes to cake, Filipino always chooses the one with tiers and elegant designs because it is the tradition they grew up, instead of modern cupcakes and cake in a jar, the 3-tier cake is a must in the reception.

imageCake by Cupcee

3. Money Dance

This is the fun part of the wedding because the DJ will ask the guests, men, and women, to fall in line, wait for their turn to dance with the bride and the groom and pin the money on their clothes after dancing.  The money will be used on their new journey together.

4. Sponsors

Aside from having only one set of sponsors, Filipinos get to have two wedding sponsors, the first sponsors are the closest friends or relatives of the bride and groom while the second sponsors are the ones who will bring the veil, candle, and chord.

imagePhoto by The Wedding Sitters, Manila

5. Filipino Food

What is a traditional wedding without our beloved Filipino foods?  Lechon, lumpia, morcon are just a few of the favorites.  Leche flan and buko pandan for dessert.  Oh, how we just love serving delicious foods! 

imagePhoto by Queensland Catering Services

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