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5 Things To Take Note When Creating A Wedding Budget

Mar 2, 2018

Congrats!  You are now engaged!  We know that the first step that you are going to make after the engagement is your wedding budget.  because that is where everything starts.  Here’s a helpful reminder of what to take note when making a wedding budget what to splurge on and what to save.


1.       Start saving ASAP

You need to start saving the moment you’re engaged especially if you want a grand wedding.  Set aside those “wants” and focus on your needs.  Budget your monthly income together with your partner so you will save enough money.

 2.       Breakdown all the possible expenses

The best way to know how much you are going to spend for a wedding is a draft of your expenses; make a column for the things you want to save some cash and the things you want to splurge, like the food and the drinks, so you will have a target budget.

 3.       What are the things your parents are going to pay for

Talk to your parents and his parents.  They will voluntarily pay for some things in your wedding, like the venue or the catering, maybe even your honeymoon!  So you gotta talk to them before calling your vendors.  Parents are a big help when it comes to occasions like this.

 4.       Prepare some extra cash

There will always be some hidden charges like the set-up fee, the delivery fee, the tips you need to give to the waiters and waitresses at the reception, the driver.  Plus, if you need to rent something like a generator.  You need to be prepared for expenses like this.

 5.       Negotiate with the vendors

Some vendors don’t tell you upfront that they have packages because they will earn more money if you buy something individually.  Learn the art of negotiation because this will give you discounts!  A lot of discounts!

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