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5 Things You Should Cover for Your Bridesmaids

Dec 22, 2017

Your bridesmaids will also spend a lot of money for your wedding especially during the planning stage.  But there are things that they should not pay for it instead you will pay it for them.  If you have no idea what are those things, you are welcome!  Because we have here the 5 things that you should cover the cost.

1.       Mani and Pedi

A mani and pedi before your big day are much needed.  It is a way of pampering your girlfriends after months of planning and getting busy for the wedding.  Time to payback those sleepless nights and long travels.


2.       Hair and Makeup

For the hair and makeup, it is really up to you.  But if you have a budget for this one, try including them.  A makeup done with one artist will not make one of you out of place in the picture.  It will blend perfectly if you have the same artist because he/she will not make overpowering looks.

imagePhoto by Make Up by Che Abueg

3.       Alteration

If they already have a dress but it doesn’t fit them perfectly, try to shoulder the alteration.  It wouldn’t cost much unlike buying a pair of dress.  This simple gesture of your will be highly appreciated by them.


4.       Lodging

If you are going to have a wedding out of town, cover their lodging.  You should consider their financial status also.  Where will they sleep the night before your wedding if you will not cover the hotel expenses?


5.       Transportation

This goes along with lodging.  You can rent a van or pay for their fares if you are going out of town.  The transportation also includes their trip back home not just for the wedding ceremony and reception venue.


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