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5 Things Your Partner Is Doing To Get Closer To You

Apr 13, 2018

As your relationship gets stronger over the years, you will see a change in your partner's attitude, they will try to get to know you more, your family, and your friends.  In short, they are trying to get closer to you because the “getting to know each other” stage has come to an end.

1.    They are doing their best to get close to the people around you


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After meeting your parents, your partner will try to build a relationship with your favorite people; your parents, your siblings and your friends, too!  They want to know them more because they are important to you.

2.    “I” becomes “we”

Instead of going alone in an out of town trip with your friends he/she is now asking you to come.  They won’t go to an event without you, they will not watch that movie alone or try that new fancy restaurant all by themselves.

3.    You do little things together now


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You are now enjoying going grocery shopping together, doing the laundry, cooking, and running errands together.  All these things become more fun when you are doing it with your partner because it’s like bonding in a different way.

4.    They ask a lot of questions about you

What was your childhood dream, what’s your dream house and other things like that?  They also keep checking on you, asking you about your day. Because it is a simple way of bringing two people closer together.

5.    They stay close to you


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They are now putting their arms on your shoulder while you are walking together or they moved to an apartment closer to yours.  They are making an effort to stay close to you as much as possible to make you feel loved and not alone.

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