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5 Tips For Drama-Free Bridesmaids

Apr 10, 2018

Working with a group of girls can be difficult than working with a bunch of boys because drama is always creeping in.  We, girls, are naturally emotional and sensitive.  So here’s a short guide for a drama-free wedding planning.


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1. Don’t choose a favorite

Favoritism is the root of envy and insecurities, even in school and in your office!  You have seen this and worse, you have experienced this.  If you don’t like your bridesmaids to hate you and the apple of your eye, don’t show them who is your favorite or even better, try your best not to have one!

2. Small squad

The bigger the squad the more difficult it is to handle.  You can’t keep in touch with 10 bridesmaids!  And there is a great chance that others will not do a single job because there are plenty of girls in the group who can do it for them.


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3. Everyone should have the same expenses

Even though Bridesmaid #1 earns a lot of money than Bridesmaid #2, there is no rule that Bridesmaid #1 should spend more money on your wedding.  All the expenses should be equal.  It's not nice to hear that your friendship is ruined just because of money issues.


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4. Don’t be a matchmaker

Although it sounds good when your best friend and your fiancé's best friend are starting to have chemistry, don’t get in the way.   You are not cupid. Think about all the consequences if it will not turn out well in the end, you are to blame.  Just let the magic happen.

5. Don’t try to mend broken relationships

If one of the groomsmen and one of your bridesmaids were exes, don’t try to mend their relationship especially if they did not have a good ending.  This is not the right way to do it.  You are just attempting to start WWIII.

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