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5 Tips on Staying In Love and Keeping a Relationship Strong

Aug 22, 2018


Love makes virtually everything tolerable. There’s no arguing that being madly in love is a wonderful feeling, but it’s also a lifeline. You depend so much on this person to give you happiness, fulfillment, and self-worth. You couldn’t ask for more, but then, one day it just hits you.

What if he leaves? He puts one foot out that door and your world will most likely fall apart. The moment he walks out that door, you’ll lose a part of yourself and getting it back is close to impossible. This is why before committing to anything, you need to learn how to keep a relationship strong.

So, let us share with you some of our secrets on how we keep our romantic relationships intact.

1. Do the Chores Together (or Divide Them Fairly)


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Nobody likes doing chores, not even women. Lots of relationships are broken apart because they don’t know who should make the bed or hang the clothes.

“It’s your turn to wash the dishes tonight!”

“No, it's yours!”

And the conversation goes on and on. We’ve never heard of anyone breaking up before because of chores, but we’re pretty sure this is where it all starts. Someone volunteers to do the chores, and then the boyfriend gets used to it. It won’t take long before the feathers of a relationship get ruffled up. Instead of trying to decide which one of you should do the chores, why not just do them together? Not only will you be able to get more stuff done, but you can also turn it into a bonding activity.

2. Talk About Money More Often


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We all have different opinions when it comes to money, but it still remains crucial in everyday living. Refusing to talk about it can cause relationships to break apart.

It goes like this. The guy’s short on money. He doesn’t talk about it. The girl finds out about it a little too late. Sooner or later, they’re going to have a problem.

It’s not just about bills and budget. You can also talk about your spending habits and financial histories. It’s impossible to always walk past every store in the mall. You probably have some spending habits that you’re not so proud of. That’s fine because having a strong relationship is all about being comfortable with each other’s flaws.

3. Spend Some Time Doing Each Other’s Hobbies


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No two people are completely the same, not even the couple with the seemingly perfect relationship. The best couples aren’t the ones who have the exact same hobbies. They aren’t the ones who have absolutely no reason to argue. Rather, they are the ones who know how to compromise.

“Hey, it’s movie night”

“No, it isn’t. Let’s go eat dinner at our favorite restaurant”

“Fine, but tomorrow, it’s really going to be movie night”


It’s one thing to bond. It’s another thing to have a deeper connection. When you take an interest in the things that your partner wants to do, you learn a lot of things about them. You learn why they like the things that they do, why they think their hobbies are important. Having a deep connection with your partner sparks a feeling of commitment to your relationship.

4. Be There for Each Other During Good and Bad Times


One of the best things about relationships is that you have someone to cry on and someone who’ll celebrate with you when you succeed.

You probably won’t break up in the next couple of days if you don’t share your moments, but when you keep your important moments from your partner, your bond and connection won’t be as strong as you want it to be.

5. Go Out on Regular Dates


Someone asks you out. Things go well on your first date, and you decided to go on a second one, and then a third, a fourth. Before you know it, the two of you are already dating. A few months later and it turns into an exclusive relationship.

Relationships start when two people decide to spend time and get to know each other. Sure, you might already be together for a year now, but if you want to keep your relationship strong you need to be updated with each other’s lives. Life is dynamic.

Unless you consistently try to get to know each other, there will come a time when you’ll think “Something’s not right. She changed”, and then the relationship will start to get cold. You can wish that your partner stays the same forever, but you won’t have the best of luck. Your best bet is to adapt to change and be in the know of what’s happening to your partner and to your relationship.

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