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5 Tips To Help You Find Your Right Sole-mate

Mar 19, 2018

Your wedding isn’t just about looking gorgeous. You also need to feel good too. Sure, there are going to be lots of pictorials. Your old friends and workmates are going to watch you until the event is over. There’s just no way you are going to let some blisters stop you from looking beautiful on your big day.

But while you want to impress during the massive event, you also want the day to feel special. The only way that’s going to happen is if you’re blister-free. With that, here are some pro tips on how to match your shoes with your dress on the wedding day without putting your feet at risk.

  1. Take Your Dress Into Consideration

If you are going to wear a long gown, the shoes you will wear on your day won't be much of a problem. However,  if your dress is below your ankle, we advise you to at least bring a piece of cloth from your wedding dress while you go shoe shopping. That way, you can select sandals for the wedding that are not only comfy, but also suits your dress pretty well.

imageMicah Lumaad Photography

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Bright-Colored Shoes

You probably noticed that most brides choose festive-colored shoes to match their dresses. While your family may have old wedding customs, know that your big day is the perfect time for you to be diverse.

Traditionally, women are expected to wear white shoes.However, if you don't feel like wearing these kinds of shoes, don't pressure yourself into it. Let this be the day you stopped holding on to customs and do your own thing.

  1. Should you wear flats or heels?

Love is the only thing where height and age don’t matter. What’s more important is your undying love for each other.

But when you are about to get wed, you’d want your groom to be taller than you so that it won’t be difficult for the two of you to kiss in front of the altar.

imageMarc Parra Photography

  1. Consider the location

Nowadays, getting married on the beach has become a trend. If you see yourself following the same route, you might as well wear flats. Even though high heels will undoubtedly make you look elegant, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have your shoes sink in the sand while marching at the aisle.

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