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5 Top of the Line Wedding Themes to Expect in 2017

Jul 6, 2017

Beautiful ladies out there! Are we hearing the wedding bells yet? Then say goodbye to the days of basic wedding setups, as 2017 forecasts a year full of unique and unbelievable themes to rule the wedding scenes today.

From luscious greenery themed wedding to golden 50's setting and to the casual rustic vibes of a barn set up, more and more wedding themes are trending in this modern year. To get things going for the wedding of your dreams, we gathered these spectacular wedding theme ideas just for you:

  1. Greenery Theme

Perfect for the minimalist brides and grooms as greenery themed wedding showcase a perfect balance of nature and elegance.

Beautiful ornaments such as leaves, branches palms ivies, ferns,  eucalyptus and lily grass are great substitutes especially when flower prices kicks high during peak seasons. Putting beautiful canopies of greens above plus thick cylindrical candles everywhere adds up to super refreshing look.

  1. Barn Theme

Planning to take your wedding outdoors? Then maybe you can settle for a rustic barn nuptial. With its all-things-wooden setup, all you can feel the ultimate eastern vibe with some romantic feels. Make use of elements which are made of wooden materials such as beer case, photographs hanged thru-wooden clips as well as wooden frames for seat plans and table numbers. Opt for details under the shades of crisp brown, crimson and other bold colors to retain the country style aura.  Finish your set up with glittery white lights as your photo backdrop.

  1. Vintage Theme

Do you know what's a good thing about having vintage weddings? It never dates, not by any chance that it goes out of fashion. Serve your guest with classic dishes in porcelains for cups, pots and plates are a must for that extra vintage style.

Also, incorporating intricate lace patterns on almost every detail on your wedding will accentuate the elegant vintage hype. For a nostalgia-filled wedding, you should consider this timeless wedding theme.

Whether you are being fascinated by the bold geometric styles of the 1930s or you are a fan of the 1940’s or 50's Golden era, such theme like this will be perfect grounds for your vintage fantasies.

  1. Neutral Theme

Who says hues of tans and taupes are all dull and boring? Nowadays, weddings with color schemes under the so-called "Earth tones” are making its way on the wedding spotlight. Highlighting completely relaxing feels, a neutral themed wedding is all about soft and subtle selections of nude colors.

Feeling playful with the nudes? Mix and match neutral colors with pastels for a breezy arrive or go for hints of silver and gold for some extra shimmering effects.

  1. Watercolor Theme

Known as a bright and vibrant theme, Watercolor beautifully splashes out the pretty shades of carnations, scarlets, and violets. From the eye candy invites printed out on watercolored papers, towering cake hand painted with edible watercolor details, to watercolor wash table runners, there are absolutely countless possibilities to include these super feminine setting on your wedding day.

Your big day is fast approaching, have you got your favorite theme now? Share your ideas with us!

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