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5 Unexpected Wedding Color Schemes

Feb 16, 2017

Deciding on a color combination can be a tricky aspect in your wedding plans. Some couples may prefer using safe and traditional color schemes. For others though who love to experiment, here are bold and unconventional color combinations to jazz up your perfect day.

Primary Colors

Photo by: Lloyed Valenzuela Photography

Whoever said that you can’t choose primary colors for a wedding color? Having the right red, blue and yellow accents can create a harmony that puts together a fun and creative atmosphere.

Teal and Green

Photo by: CDI Designs

This color combination is very cool to the eyes. It’s a great choice for soon-to-wed couples who would like to set a calm and relaxing mood on their wedding day.

Peach and Turquoise

Photo by: Dreamboat Events and Concepts

Turquoise is associated with tranquility and patience, while peach can represent energy and optimism—these elements are vital in a life-long partnership. Pairing a classy shade with a softer color can also bring out a playful vibe for an extra touch of liveliness to your tables and decor.

Old Rose and Blue

Photo by: Paperworks

Many brides pick blue for a wedding color. While it can be a bit intimidating, adding varying shades of pink like old rose can tone down its rigidity.

Pink and Camel

Photo by: Cooking Pot Catering Services

Camel has a tendency to be dull and monotonous, but pairing it with pink could look elegant. Like a desert rose blooming in a barren wasteland, this wedding color combination will surely bring in a rustic yet romantic feel to your set-up.


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by Korina

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