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5 Unique Engagement Party Ideas

Feb 1, 2018

After telling your parents, your sibling, your best friend about the engagement and announcing it on facebook you will be getting a lot of questions about your big day and your engagement party.  Throwing an engagement party is optional, but if you would like to gather all your loved ones and celebrate with them, this is the best way!

1.       Sunset Cruise

If you have saved a big amount of money before your wedding you can treat your parents and your relatives on a sunset cruise.  It is sure going to a romantic one because sunsets make everything romantic!  You can also take gorgeous photos on the yacht during the golden hour.


 2.       Backyard Picnic

Backyard picnic is possible when you have a huge garden at the back of your house.  Grill some ribs and burgers, serve lemonades and later on cocktails, fill it with twinkling lights and list some party games.  This simple engagement party is hassle-free and no one will get intimidated!


 3.       Great Gatsby Themed

Ask your guests to wear their best dress and suits for your party and enjoy the elegant and sophisticated place just like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

 4.       Wine Tasting

If you and your fiancé are a lover of wine this is the best theme to have on your engagement party, your guests will surely understand!  Plus they will enjoy the wine tasting and will learn some fun facts, too!  (Just don’t drink too much, though!)


 5.       Champagne Filled

Celebrations are filled with alcohols but one thing that will never be crossed out on the list is champagne!  Set up a champagne bar and let your guests pop it and give you and your future spouse some toasts!


 6.       Buffet Style

If you are in a hurry to have an engagement party, this is the most hassle-free way.  Celebrate it in one of your favorite buffet restaurants.  You will be eating different cuisines, you will not wash the dishes, you will go home to you clean apartment.  What’s not to love?  Right?


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